Finance Operations

Fiscal responsibility is more of a focus in today's top organizations than ever before. Executives are shifting their focus on identifying new standards, processes and tools that ensure a consistent ROI across the corporation's multiple divisions, and manage their capital expenditures more efficiently.

Employees often still use manual processing (telephone, paper, fax) for requests and approvals for capital expenditures and appropriations that impact corporate budgets and overall profitability. These expenditure related requests require timely attention, appropriate authorization levels, and drive critical fulfillment and back office functions. Integrify for CapEx Request Management is a great option that helps simplify and streamline the process of CapEx request submissions and approvals.

Using Integrify®, BP will be reducing costs and increasing productivity by streamlining the request and approval processes for capital expenditure approvals related to facility improvements, marketing programs, as well as land purchases and development. As a result, we have better operational performance, can implement very quickly and achieve a high ROI. - Bradley Feitl, Capital Planning Coordinator, BP Products North America

Uses of Integrify® for Finance Operations

  • Capital Expenditure Requests (More)
  • Purchase Requests (More)
  • Travel Expense Requests (More)
  • Vendor & Contracts approvals (More)
  • Timecard Processing
  • Payroll Change Requests
  • Invoice Intake Process
  • Budget and Cost Approvals
  • Expense Report Approvals
  • Financial Results and Reporting
  • CapEx Approval Process
  • Accounts Payable
  • Product Pricing and Profit margin
  • Capital Expenditure Approval Process

Featured Customers Using Integrify in Finance