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Beverly Hills Surgical Institute, headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif., is a rapidly expanding full-service medical group specializing in cosmetic surgery procedures, the largest in southern California. With seven locations, the organization’s information-sharing capabilities were no longer sufficient to handle the needs of its doctors and patients and were severely limiting the offices’ abilities to meet patient demand. The group had a number of applications that were unable to communicate and was in need of an information delivery and routing mechanism to cover that void.

The Challenge

  • Beverly Hills Surgical had a variety of different applications — a medical application suite,accounting programs, systems for delivering doctors’ orders and pharmacy fills to facilities,software for getting approval on workers’ compensation claims- that were not integrated and could not be tracked or traced electronically.
  • The organization’s current system was compromising its ability to grow and management wanted a new system in place as soon as possible.
  • Beverly Hills Surgical needed to have access to all its information in all its applications as it was still treating patients during the changeover.
    Installation Summary
  • Integrify’s solution was installed and integrated with a medical application suite that Beverly Hills Surgical’s technical team wrote to replace its existing medical software.

The Solution

Beverly Hills Surgical chose the Integrify solution because it offered the functionality the company required because it is Web-based for a price that was more competitive than other packaged solutions on the market.

Integrify is a flexible business process management tool that allows companies to automate requests and streamline approval processes. The software provides form creation, routing definition and tracking tools to those responsible for processing requests, minimizing data entry and simplifying requests for approval and fulfillment. Integrify is Web-based, allowing for easy user accessibility and management of approval processes. The solution eliminates problems typically related to labor-intensive processes such as manual paper handling and email requests, and can reduce costs per transaction 60 to 90 percent as opposed to paper-based processes.

“Integrify should be the product of choice,” according to Needham, “for anybody that has an issue with needing a comprehensive tool to be able to get actions done in a corporate environment.”

By allowing a company’s employees the most efficient means to access, submit and obtain fulfillment for requests, an organization can offer the best possible level of service to its customers. With Integrify, efficiency gains are immediate and most companies can expect a return on investment (ROI) in three months or less.

Before implementing Integrify, Beverly Hills Surgical’s technology team replaced its inadequate medical applications suite with a program they wrote themselves. Integrify was able to seamlessly integrate with the new software, allowing the Beverly Hills Surgical team to keep its existing systems intact during development until the Integrify solution was implemented.

The Results

Beverly Hills Surgical was pleased that Integrify allowed its team to keep the routing parameters it had set up in its own medical applications, and found the most beneficial feature to be Integrify’s ability to write back to the database, making manual entry unnecessary.

According to Bob Needham, Beverly Hills Surgical’s VP of Information Technology, in addition to delivering requests and soliciting approvals electronically, his organization needed to be able to extract information from one application and enter it into another automatically, such as when doctors’ orders needed to be dispersed to multiple facilities, or when the records of a patient whose consultation took place in one location had to be transferred to the location where surgery would take place. Because Integrify allowed the system to pull information from one request and write it back to the database, rather than requiring manual entry, Beverly Hills Surgical experienced a “tremendous savings of time.” In addition, it was more efficient and accurate, as the new solution removed the chance of human error, something that is always important but even more so when the information being processed includes prescriptions and doctors’ orders.

Because of the greater efficiencies the new system created, Beverly Hills Surgical was able to mount an aggressive marketing and sales campaign, according to Needham. The time savings of the new automated system allowed the organization to handle a greater inbound call volume, and Beverly Hills Surgical is receiving twice the number of calls and is treating twice the number of patients.

“We couldn’t have doubled patient volume if we didn’t have the systems in place to support it,” said Needham. As a result, in the first six months after implementing Integrify, Beverly Hills Surgical was on track to bring in close to $80 million in a year. “Integrify should be the product of choice,” according to Needham, “for anybody that has an issue with needing a comprehensive tool to be able to get actions done in a corporate environment.”

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