Integrify has been shown to reduce direct process and workflow costs by more than 30 percent, cut workflow and process management cycle times in half, and deliver positive ROI in less than 3 months. Integrify is a Chicago Workflow Software provider, and we’re here for all your local business needs.

A workflow management software to easily manage workflow and business processes

Integrify is the Chicago leader in workflow management systems that help organizations reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction by providing process definition, workflow automation, and visibility for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Marketing and other types of services.

“Flexibility and ease of use have always been Integrify’s strong suits over the years.”

– Jessica B, Aspect

The fastest way to define and deliver processes and workflow

Integrify is the most powerful and easy-to-use Chicago workflow software for companies that need to start effectively managing and improving their workflow system today. Install (Integrify OnPremise) in less than an hour. Activate (Integrify Cloud) in minutes. With Integrify, your processes will be configured and deployed in days, not weeks. Integrify offers:

Rapid User Adoption. Simply configured user interfaces provide users an easy-to-use web-based interface for submitting requests, completing tasks and tracking process activity.

Solutions with No Programmers Required. Intuitive GUI-based workflow management software with process design and forms creation, easy workflow routing definition and report building without the need for coding.

Flexible and Robust Software. A service oriented architecture (SOA) built around REST web services and AJAX technology, Integrify 5.0 will open up programmatic access for custom applications while providing a widget export feature to place Integrify Widgets in any web or intranet page.

See the difference Integrify makes for your business

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