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Integrify has introduced the latest version of its enterprise request management (ERM) software. Integrify 5.0 is a 100% Web-based solution for Enterprise Request Management (ERM) that enables companies to quickly and affordably automate requests and streamline processes. Released this spring, Version 5.0 is available via an OnPremise installed license or as an OnDemand hosted service (SaaS), Integrify 5.0 has been engineered to make process management faster and more cost-effective by putting the ability to develop workflow in the hands of the users, not just the IT team, enabling faster adoption and delivering better results.

As with previous versions, Integrify 5.0 includes a Process Portal that is ready to use out of the box. The new portal offers a tremendous degree of flexibility allowing for drag-and drop customization, integrative charting and graphs, advanced search and filtering of tasks, as well as fine-grained control over permissions to various parts of the system. By leveraging the Integrify Process Portal, Integrify’s customers can go live with their processes quickly without the need to write a single line of code.

Integrify V 5.0 offers increased flexibility for Business Process Management (BPM), including the introduction of the Integrify Widget Architecture, enhanced graphical reporting and metrics, improved user interface configuration and new features for process design. The company highlights the following features:

New widget architecture: Integrate process tasks into your existing dashboard or portal. A service oriented architecture (SOA) built around REST Web services and AJAX technology, Integrify 5.0 will open up programmatic access for custom applications while providing a widget code-export feature that allows Web developers to easily copy and paste Integrify Widgets to any existing Web or intranet page.

Enhanced navigation: Improved navigation and icons put the request management information at a user’s fingertips. Integrify 5.0 features an intuitive self defined tabbed interface, including dashboard reports.

Visual task flow designer: Configure task flows using the new Integrify 5.0 designer interface, featuring one-click addition of shapes, right-click menus, pop-up attributes, etc.

Process import/export: The new version allow process sharing across multiple instances. Integrify 5.0 now empowers global, industry-wide process groups and practices. It enables process experts to define and market best practices.

Reporting: Integrify 5.0 offers more robust reporting, including dashboards which will allow managers and administrators to track how their processes are working at a macro-operational level.


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