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Today your business and your people need to be smarter, more efficient and more productive than ever. That’s why Integrify’s latest release rewrites the rules for managing your business workflow. Integrify is faster and more responsive than any workflow tool you’ve used. Build and deploy automated workflows to replace all your manual processes like employee onboarding, expense requests, product development, compliance auditing or any other process that needs to be automated.

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The Best Form Designer Out There

frm designer

Create forms the way you want, with full formatting and advanced layout tools that make your forms look great and scale properly on all screens, desktop or mobile. Build complex, multi-column forms quickly and easily with drag and drop ease. Save form parts for re-use and build templates that can be shared across the organization. Show or hide form elements based on user selections. Chain together logic rules and effects to create smarter forms.


Mobile-Optimized Self-Service Portal


Your users can expect an elegant, lightning quick experience across all devices. A new, streamlined environment will make finding tools easier and navigating the interface a breeze. Reduce training time and provide end-users with a better experience when using the tools you build. Provide power, simplicity and a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. All screens welcome!


A Powerful Process Builder

process builder

Build automated workflow processes faster and with more flexibility using drag and drop ease. Build automations for single, group, or multi-tiered processes, either in parallel or sequentially. Use a wide variety of advanced process task types and business rules to make your workflow smarter and more efficient. Integrate your processes with existing enterprise applications or databases. Trigger alerts and follow-up tasks as granularly as you’d like.


KPI Reporting

kpi dashboard

Define and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Ensure processes are meeting expected turnaround times. KPI reports show the time between tasks and any predefined performance metrics in a visual, easy-to-read format. Create KPI dashboards for any tasks in your workflow and share them internally via customized dashboards.


See The Latest Integrify Release Live

See The Latest Integrify Release Live

Our newest release gives you the power to build and deploy automated business workflows even better and faster. Get a live demonstration and see the power of Integrify.

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Integrify’s innovative workflow management software gives you the power to streamline and automate your operations no matter what department or industry you’re in. Build your workflows YOUR way.


How Does Integrify Work?

Design forms, build workflow processes, post them to your custom employee portal and track the results!



Our customers use this basic workflow management framework to create a huge variety of automated processes like:

  • Capital expense requests
  • Contract approvals
  • Leave of absence requests
  • Site selection approvals
  • Pricing discount requests
  • New hire requests
  • Vacation time requests
  • IT project requests
  • Logo and branding approvals
  • New product requests
  • Inventory orders
  • Cyber attack reporting
  • Safety incident logging
  • Are the wheels turning yet?

We don’t force you into a pre-built HR, Finance, Operations or IT solution. You build it to suit or have us build it for you. As long as you’re an Integrify customer, you can change the process or improve it anytime.

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Form Designer

Process Builder

KPI Dashboards

Employee Self-Service Portal

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