Integrify’s Latest Private Cloud Option – Sync with Active Directory in the Cloud

Integrify offers the flexibility to have your own private cloud setup that provides enhances the security and isolation of your data.  Customers can choose to go beyond our standard Cloud multi-tenant offering with a Private Cloud setup that offers benefits such as:

  • A virtual machine running a dedicated Integrify server license
    • Your dedicated Integrify instance is not shared with outer customers providing total isolation
  • Isolated SQL Server database running on Amazon’s RDS
    • You will have direct access to the SQL Server database used by your Integrify instance allowing you to use third party reporting tools, manage lookup tables or link to other databases in your enterprise (VPN connection required)
    • Data backed up nightly and retained for 1 week.
    • Instant hardware failover – if the hardware fails, your instance is immediately backed up
  • VPN connection to your network (optional)
  • Fully managed by Integrify – No hardware or software licenses or maintenance required
  • Your own unique URL
  • Ability to authenticate users and sync with Active Directory (sync requires installation of the Integrify AD Sync Service on an internal Windows Server)

These benefits are available for different sizes :

  • Small (below 20 concurrent users or below 100 requests daily)
  • Medium (20 to 100 concurrent users or 100 to 500 requests daily)
  • Large (over 100 concurrent users or over 500 requests daily)




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