How Is Operations Management Software Used?

operations management software

Operations management software is a broad term as it can help a business with anything from business process management to manufacturing automation. Ultimately, operations management software makes sure that business operations, whether delivering services or products, are effective and efficient. Basically, this means that the organization’s business processes are as streamlined as possible while delivering the best possible results.

While operations management got its start in the manufacturing world, it has also become common within the non-production side of business in the form of workflow management, business process management, approval management, enterprise resource planning and other many other uses. These uses cut across all departments and business units including finance, marketing, human resources, customer service, IT, etc.


business operations in pharma

Example 1: A pharmaceutical company needs to get products to market quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition. When looking at the various processes involved in getting a product to market an operations professional may discover that the product regulatory review process is inefficient because it involves a lot of manual paper-based review processes. The decision is made to implement a workflow management system using operations management software and all previously manual processes are converted to automated, digital processes. Documents are reviewed and approvals are made in the cloud, drastically reducing approval cycle times and reducing time to market.

business operations in telecom

Example 2: A telecommunications company licenses its branding to be used on manufactured mobile phones. Vendors email the partner marketing team with their requirements and attach spec sheets and images. The process is cumbersome, requiring a great deal of labor and causing delays in receiving license revenue due to processing time, mis-routing and missing vendor information. The partner marketing team employs operations management software to create a vendor portal and vendor licensing forms that make it easier to get accurate data from vendors and then route it quickly to the right internal resources.

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