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When you partner with Integrify we focus on developing and managing your Integrify-powered business processes. We teach you and your team how our program works, in addition to our key strategies for marketing to your client base. You’ll have access to our in-depth support network and knowledge base, as well as regular technical and channel updates for Integrify. Partnering with us doesn’t just mean getting your name on our website— we will work closely with you on joint marketing programs and direct sales to ensure your success.

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Neosystems Corp

Part professional services firm and part technology firm, Neosystems is a trusted Integrify partner.  They provide the strategic back office services vital to running successful companies, associations, and organizations.  Neosystems invests in highly knowledgeable experts and innovative software solutions, and distributes common costs of human capital and specialized applications across all customers, saving their clients the high cost of completing these activities themselves.

NeoSystems measures their success by how much and how well they contribute to their client’s growth objectives.  Each customer has a highly tailored, scalable solution that combines expert personnel, best-in-class tool sets, and an advanced technical infrastructure.


Himes Consulting Group

HCG is able to achieve dramatic results quickly through their unique variable-cost model, with all resources trained and educated in their new HCG method.  This method combines full-time employees with an extended team of over 50 seasoned consulting professionals, enabling HCG to provide teams and experience for projects of any size.

Clients receive quick results and benefit from the senior-level experience of HCG’s teams.  Additionally, with a low-overhead cost model, savings are passed onto clients through their competitive rate structure.



ProjectStory helps organizations of all sizes define and document their operation and workflows. Using their web-based tool and methodology, BankNotesTM, they have documented operational workflows and procedures for some of the largest banks in the world.  They have also developed additional productivity, and documentation tools such as OpsNotesTM and WebFilesTM.

With ProjectStory, businesses are able to receive premiere testing and certification services for their employees.  Using their tool, PSCertifyTM, clients have access to flexible testing options that can be completely crafted to fit the needs of the business and ensure that employees are tested in what they need to know.


Sutherland Global Services

A global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and IT Enabled Services Company, Sutherland Global Services offers an integrated set of front and back office services that support the entire customer lifecycle. By combining highly trained people with state-of-the-art technology and proven business methodologies, Sutherland collaborates with clients to help them excel in their industry while maximizing their customers’ lifetime value.

Having started operations in 1986 in Rochester, New York, Sutherland now employs over 24,000 professionals offering Right Sourced seamlessly blended services from its 24 delivery centers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, India, the Phillippines, and Bulgaria.



Established in 1989, InterAdria is a software development, education, and telecommunication company based in Kosova.  As a rapidly growing global consulting and IT products company, they offer affordable solutions enabled by stringent quality standards to help clients achieve and maintain a strong competitive edge.

Among their many specialties, InterAdria has developed world class telecommunication services, software solutions, engineering projects and services, education processes, and R&D initiatives. With proven world-class methodologies and scientifically driven framework, InterAdria provides innovative cutting-edge solutions that provide long-term value for customers.


Alphanumeric Systems, Inc.

Alphanumeric Systems, Inc. is a world-class technology provider with core strengths in the efficient delivery of comprehensive technology solutions.  Employing over 500 employees worldwide, Alphanumeric provides a range of services to help its customers enhance productivity and maximize resources.

Their offerings include IT professional services with a focus on core infrastructure, virtualization, and unified communications, and IT support services including repair services, configuration, logistics, and deployment services.  They also provide managed services such as remote monitoring, on-site support, and service desk assistance.  Alphanumeric has positioned itself as a symbol of stability in a rapidly-changing marketplace, consistently providing innovative solutions that meet and exceed customers’ goals and expectations.



AlphaZeta is an interactive agency and digital consulting firm located in Chicago.  They match digital know-how with marketing savvy to bridge the worlds of brand and business.  They live by results and have helped clients such as Motorola, Aon, and Grainger transcend the gap between talking and selling – creating shared experiences for commerce and conversation.

AlphaZeta works to leverage ideas into actionable experience, for both commerce and conversation. They balance strategic thinking with raw creativity and proven digital process to create the most effective outcomes for their customers. It’s all about results.


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