Quality Management Software

Why Invest in Quality Management Software?

Quality management software (QMS) replaces manual, paper-based quality management systems that are inefficient and prone to error. An automated quality management system increases compliance whether an organization is beholden to regulatory rules or is simply interested in improving their own quality standards or conforming to ISO Standards.

A quality management software system provides:

  • Form design and data capture
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Request routing and feedback loops
  • A central employee portal
  • Business rules and escalation
  • Automated alerts and reminders
  • Complete audit history


eBook: Four Requirements of Internal Process Compliance

eBook: Four Requirements of Internal Process Compliance

Download “Four Requirements of Internal Process Compliance” and learn how Integrify can help with your quality management efforts.

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Workflow Automation for Quality Compliance

Our customers use Integrify as a framework for quality control processes in need of internal controls. Integrify provides consistent control procedures, checkpoints, approvals, and structure that force process stakeholders to comply with established rules. Internal controls govern the information employees or systems provide, when a process can proceed (if requirements are met), and when a part of a process requires review.


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We can provide a free trial or demonstration of Integrify’s quality management system as well as a proof of concept if needed. Our experienced service team can build a mock-up of your quality management scenario in just a week.

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Capture Quality Data Efficiently

Build custom forms with our drag and drop form builder or integrate with existing systems to pull or push data. Provide employees with a user-friendly quality management portal that ensures consistency and adoption.

Track Quality Compliance Issues

Integrify provides a consistent, secure, auditable workflow for any quality control system. Establish quality metrics and track KPIs (key performance indicators) against expected metrics. Output detailed audit trails showing all actions and communications related to a quality control process.

Establish Internal Quality Controls

Reduce quality risk by designing internal controls and business rules that ensure procedures are followed accurately. Manage exception handling and configure alerts to ensure action is taken appropriately and within guidelines.

Drive Continuous Improvement

Analyze quality trends and share performance data via dashboards and reports to ensure stakeholders are aware of deficiencies and can adjust as needed. Make changes to your quality workflow easily and quickly with our user-friendly tools.

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