workflow engine conductor

A workflow engine is the “conductor” in the workflow “symphony.”

What is a Workflow Engine?

A workflow engine is an application that runs with a workflow automation system and makes decisions automatically based on preset rules. These decisions usually involve transitioning to a specific path, task or action in a workflow, for instance assigning a task to someone or saving a document to a specific folder in a document management system. Workflow engines are the “conductors” in the workflow “symphony.”

What are the Key Functions in a Workflow Engine?

Identify User Attributes: Based on the user’s properties, what options are valid?

Check on Status: Determine if the next command is valid based on the current state of the process.

Execute Logic: Once the user has been identified and the status is accepted, the workflow engine assesses the conditional logic as an IF/THEN statement. Based on the result, a workflow may continue down several different (or parallel) paths.

IF/THEN Decision Examples

An IF/THEN decision can be run against any data that is part of the current workflow. In many cases, these data have been collected via a form or integration with a complementary system (e.g. an ERP, CRM, Document Management System, LMS, Accounting, etc.) Some examples:

In a Capital Expenditure Request workflow:

  • IF the amount requested is less than $50,000 THEN route to general accounting.
  • IF the amount requested is greater than $50,000 THEN route directly to CFO.

In a Legal Hold Notice Workflow

  • IF partner has approved assignment THEN issue an acknowledgment to the requestor.
  • IF partner has rejected assignment THEN return to the custodian for more information.

In an HR Onboarding Workflow

  • IF employee training has been approved by their manager THEN issue security credentials.
  • IF employee training has not been approved by their manager THEN set status as “Incomplete.”

Looking for More Information on workflow engines?

If you’d like to discuss how Integrify’s workflow engine operates or would like to see it in action, please contact us, request a demonstration or visit our videos page to see more.

Also check out more examples of workflows powered by our workflow engine here:




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