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Workflow Automation Makes Remote Work Easier

remote work workflow automation

As more and more workers adjust to remote work, investing in workflow automation makes more sense. Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, organizations had begun to accept telecommuting and remote work as inevitable. While there have been peaks and valleys with employees working from home, the overall… View More


Workflow Metrics and KPIs Explained

Workflow Metrics and KPIs Overview Although the great Peter Drucker quote “If you can't measure it, you can't manage it" has become a topic of debate among process gurus, KPIs and metrics are still the most important tools in driving tangible process improvement results. Measurement… View More


The Most Efficient Way to Do 10 Different Things

ways to do things more efficiently

At Integrify, we love efficiency! We’re all about making work more efficient for our customers. We’ve written plenty in this space about business efficiency and workflow management already, and we’ll keep doing so. But today we thought it’d be fun to do something a little different. There are tons of areas in our everyday lives where most of us could stand to be a little more efficient. Small productivity hacks like… View More


Old School Productivity Tips That Still Work

old school productivity tips franklin

Ready to get productive the old school way? We've got some non-digital, non-automated ways to help you get more done better. Recent Related Articles You Should Time Your Work Based on Your Energy Cycle Best… View More


How HR Can Help Employees Be More Productive

How would you rate productivity at your company? Are orders consistently going out on time? Are clients satisfied with your services or products? Are you growing in relation to your competitors? Are projects frequently running over? If not, you could have systemic productivity problems. These issues may be due to company culture, outdated processes,… View More


25 Resources Sites to Improve Your Process Improvement Projects

process improvement project management resources

A collection of process improvement project resources that can help project managers achieve better outcomes and provide more organizational value. Related Process Improvement Overview Real World Project… View More


Getting Your Start in the World of Project Management

project management career professional at whiteboard

Some folks are naturally gifted in leading a group of people with disparate personalities and skills to achieve a strategic business goal. Other folks may not have this natural gift but are willing to work and acquire the skills to get there. If you're someone who is energized by solving big problems and consider yourself good at bringing different opinions and skills together to make it happen, then project management might… View More


Our Top Ten Blog Posts of 2019

top posts of 2019

Our year-end review finds a wide array of topics that were popular on our blog this year. Some posts benefited from use in our Workflow Ideas Weekly email, others were popular Google searches, and one, about business rules, turned out to be heavily-referenced in a… View More


3 Emerging Technologies That Aid Employee Workflow

emerging technologies workflow

“I’ll Slack it to you.” “Make sure you start a Google Hangout for the meeting.” “Have you checked Trello?” Today’s workplaces are fueled by the many technology tools that have become available in recent years. As technologies continue to advance, they have entirely reshaped modern organizations by… View More


The Incident

incident workflow process

While workflows (and workflow automation) are often thought of for processes that involve approvals of some kind, there is a workflow type you may not have considered—incident reporting. Incident Reporting in Your Business When something critical and unexpected happens in the business, your company should have a mechanism in place to report it so action can be taken. That action might include… View More


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