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Silos Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Business Processes

silos representing organizational inefficiency

Silo mentality afflicts most companies but it's important to find ways to communicate across departments for the continued growth and success of your business. You've heard the term "office politics". While this term isn't directly defined, the connotations are never good. It often suggests a sort of social manipulation at play within the office which can help certain employees succeed while keeping others from… View More


Wisdom and Flexibility Drive Superior Continuous Improvement Results

An effective continuous improvement initiative must balance the costs of change with the anticipated benefits of implementation. Our earlier post about Kaizen and workflow provided insights into how the powerful combination of workflow automation and the Kaizen continuous improvement… View More


An Approach to Innovation with Process Automation

Innovation comes from a sustained, concerted effort by all employees to identify and improve the way they work together and get things done. Where Innovation Comes From Innovating a business means a cultural shift toward thinking "How can we get better?" When you instill this mentality in all employees at all levels, your organization can see immediate and ongoing improvement in their operations. Employees… View More


How to Be More Productive This Year

Staying on top of your calendar and to-do list can seem like an impossible goal sometimes. These strategies may help you make the best use of your time, lower stress and make you more productive. Between personal obligations and professional responsibilities, it can seem as if there are never enough hours in the day. We can accumulate wealth and things, but try as we might, we’ll never have more than the same 24… View More


What Is the Difference Between a Coach, a Trainer, and a Mentor?

The terms "Coach," Trainer" and "Mentor" can often be used synonomously, however their actual roles are indeed unique. While one person can serve as more than one of these roles, there are some basic differences in what should be expected from each effort and when each should be called upon. We'll cover each… View More


The Kaizen Approach to Workflow Automation

wrkflow automation and kaizen

Enabling the Kaizen approach with workflow automation can increase productivity, enhance efficiency and reduce waste. It can also help you eliminate error, enhance compliance and improve visibility of your organization. But unlike other workflow automation solutions, Integrify offers versatility and responsiveness, allowing you to make improvements as you need in order to optimize your business processes and respond in a… View More


Employee Lifecycle Management with Integrify

employee lifecycle infographic

  Employee Lifecycle Management involves optimizing the processes and interactions with employees over the course of their employment within an organization. Much of the process can now be managed in an automated way using workflow management applications. This infographic shows a view of the employee lifecycle from this perspective, focusing on the touchpoints within an employee's career journey that can be improved with… View More


Ways to Reduce Employee Travel Expenses

automate business travel

Let’s face it: employee travel expenses can eat away at your budget. With everything from flights and taxis to dinners and drinks, the costs of business trips add up quickly. However, providing your people with the opportunity to connect with colleagues or peers—no matter where they’re located—is essential to doing business. Yet you simply… View More


Why the C-Level Loves Business Process Automation

executive approval of workflow software

  Sharing Pain Up the Chain Often the individuals feeling the most pain from manual, inefficient processes are the front-line employees and managers. They are expected to meet organizational goals and customer needs regardless of the systems in place (or, in many cases, NOT in place.) Not surprisingly, these are often the people that come to us looking for help. Explaining the direct benefits of… View More


Business Process Automation and Digital Transformation

business process automation and transformation

Did you break out of your MS-DOS shell, graduate to spreadsheets, and transition to QuickBooks? Does that transition mean you are keeping up with the challenges of digital transformation? How can digital technology transform your business process? True, the production end of your business no longer relies on typewriters, copy machines, and calculators. Also, the hybrid combination of computer applications, networked office… View More

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