Productivity Tips

Productivity Tips

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Top 8 Automation Tools for Businesses to Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity can be done in a number of ways, like changing the way the office is set up, encouraging more breaks, and other small psychological tricks, but sometimes what employees need is a tool or app that can automate all kinds of simple tasks so they can focus on the more important tasks at hand. If you’re looking for automation tools and apps to increase productivity at the office, there are plenty of options to… View More


Real World Project Management

There’s a myth out there, and business school contributes to it to some extent, that project management is a world where one gets everything needed in resources and all that has to be added is the brain power to run the show, (i.e. the project manager or PMO.) Projects are able to get started, the right people are pulled from various areas immediately as subject matter experts, and the day is filled with constructing Gantt charts… View More


The Difference Between Learning and Doing Project Management

Project management is a multi-faceted discipline that has evolved rapidly to accommodate the changes brought on by new technology, new approaches to running organizations, and the pressures of modern business cycles. Despite what most PMs learn in school and training, it's exceedingly difficult to prepare for "the real world of project management." I recently posed a question on… View More


5 Things You Should Stop Doing with Microsoft Excel

ways not to use Microsoft Excel

Before you start the article, we wanted you to know that workflow automation can help wean people off of using Excel for the wrong reasons. Check out what's… View More


How to Delegate Authority: Tips and Benefits

How to delegate authority and no when to pass the baton

With the proper plan in place, it's possible to reap the more strategic benefits of delegation without sacrificing day-to-day operational performance. Related: How to… View More


Improving Workplace Flexibility with Workflow Automation

Despite worker preferences and technological advancements, there are still a surprising number of companies that subscribe to the "butts in seats" philosophy and do little to provide workplace flexibility or telecommuting options. In fact, as per a study by Werk last year, there is a large chasm between what workers want and what they're offered in terms of workplace… View More


Are Companies Succeeding at Going Paperless?

paperless workflow success

For years now we have seen a push for companies to use cloud services in an effort to become entirely paperless operations. The reasons reducing paper consumption are well known: reducing carbon footprints, streamlining processes, cutting costs, eliminating manual work, etc. and the topic of "going paperless" has run the gamut of media outlets. However, there is one question that hasn't been asked. How Much… View More


Why What You Listen to at Work Can Make You More Productive

Music at work for productivity and focus

Music and other audio can boost physical performance, improve efficiency, and make it easier to work through tedious, repetitive tasks—so what should you listen to? Everyone has days where getting things done feels next to impossible. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you’re stressed out. Or maybe you’re just feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks on your ever-growing to-do list. You try to motivate yourself to start tackling your… View More


Distressed by Business Inefficiency? Look Out the Window.

business efficiency ideas from nature

The natural world offers a number of lessons in leadership, productivity, and efficiency—all of which can be applied to help your business thrive. As a business owner, executive, or department manager, you’re always on the lookout for ways to make your organization more productive, efficient, and successful. And one of the best places to look?  Nature. The natural world offers a number of… View More


You Should Time Your Work Based on Your Energy Cycle

use your energy cycle to improve your work day

When people are described as night owls or early birds, it's not because we're obsessed with ornithology as a culture. These two terms refer to our energy cycles or the times in which we're most (and least) productive. While you may think people who rise early will always catch the worm, the reality isn't quite as simple as an aphorism. We'll look at how these cycles work and how you can use the patterns to adjust your workday. We're… View More


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