Workflow Ideas

Workflow Ideas

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Don't Just Automate, Reframe Those Business Processes

reframe business processes

Interior designers know that the right frame makes all the difference when incorporating artwork into an overall design. Reframing is also a skill that can also unlock the biggest ROI from a workflow automation initiative. Most organizations understand that they can boost efficiency and reduce errors and rework by using workflow tools to eliminate manual tasks, person-to-person handoffs, and manual calculations. There is… View More


Planning for Workflow Automation

planning map for workflow automation

While it's tempting to just jump into a workflow automation tool and start building processes, especially when you realize how quickly you can make an impact, take a deep breath. The most successful automation projects start outside of any automation tool. Grab your planning tool of choice and anyone you feel has a good understanding of your company's processes before walking through the steps below. The necessary steps to prepare for… View More


How to Make Better Request Forms

request form being designed on a laptop

Earlier we posted twelve tips for more usable Web forms. Today we're looking specifically at request forms and request form templates. Request forms are usually the first step in any process whether it's a project request, a finance request, an HR request, or any of the thousands of possible business process forms people use every day. In most business… View More


Five Reasons to Automate Your Workflow Now

automate your workflow now

You know it’s true—your inefficient processes are impacting productivity, efficiency, and perhaps even competitiveness and employee morale.  In all kinds of teams and industries, messy, manual workflows are still surprisingly common, and they're hampering your company's potential. You don't have any more time to struggle through manual, inefficient workflows. It's time to be quicker, more efficient, more competitive, and… View More


Taking the Pain Out of Approvals

Related Approval Management Software Industrial Strength Approval Management eBook Most organizations experience quite a bit of pain when it comes to submitting, managing, and reporting on approvals. Regardless of the… View More


Business Rules Explained

business rules defined

If you’ve been a long-term business owner or even a leader in an established business of any kind, you know how chaotic things can get when most decisions are left to fully-autonomous employees. While there is definitely a role for autonomy as it promotes job satisfaction and can help employees grow as they learn to make decisions to better the business, in most cases, at least a core set of understood rules is critical to help the… View More


How to Design a Process

how to design a process step by step

Today, we'll dive into the foundations of designing a process from the ground up. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, this article will help you understand the basics of the business design process and provide some of the crucial steps in creating an effective process. Note: for an even more thorough discussion of process planning and design, check out our free… View More


Are Companies Succeeding at Going Paperless?

paperless workflow success

For years now we have seen a push for companies to use cloud services in an effort to become entirely paperless operations. The reasons reducing paper consumption are well known: reducing carbon footprints, streamlining processes, cutting costs, eliminating manual work, etc. and the topic of "going paperless" has run the gamut of media outlets. However, there is one question that hasn't been asked. How Much… View More


25 Resources Sites to Improve Your Process Improvement Projects

process improvement project management resources

A collection of process improvement project resources that can help project managers achieve better outcomes and provide more organizational value. Related Process Improvement Overview Real World Project… View More


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