Flowchart Friday: Is It Time to Clean Out Your Closet?

By Toni Buffa | Published December 10, 2021

With the new year approaching, shouldn't it be time to clean up some different areas around the house? You know what they say - new year, new me! What's better than cleaning out some old clothes that you no longer wear and opening up your closet space for something new? Who knows, with all that freed-up space, you might have room to add a reading nook or even use an out-of-the-way office area! Take advantage of this cleared-out space and turn it into something unexpected. Take a look at these ideas for ways to transform your closet after you do a clean-out. 

If you find yourself asking "do I still need this shirt", you will find this flowchart from Vogue, written by Katherine Bernard, very helpful! 

Flowchart provided by: Vogue

Flowchart Friday  

Toni Buffa

Toni is a member of the Integrify marketing team and writes for the Integrify blog. Toni lives in Colorado and loves animals of all stripes.

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