Integrify 6 Offers New Features, including 2 new task types

By Integrify Posted January 28, 2014


Chicago, IL – January 29th, 2014 - Integrify, Inc. (, a leading provider of of Enterprise Request Management (ERM) software, announced the availability of new features in Integrify 6 to further improve and enhance the business process management platform that it provides to its customers. Available in Cloud and OnPremise deployments, Integrify 6 offers a 100% web-based platform to centrally manage user requests from multiple locations, streamline workflow and operations, automate business processes, and improve the overall customer experience.

The Integrify 6 platform introduces many new core features that makes workflow and process management more flexible and robust in all areas, including the concept of Process Apps, where customers can easily create process applications based on their own business requirements. A Process App running on the Integrify 6 platform can be configured for many types of process applications (Capital Expenditures, IT Services, Employee On/Off boarding and more). They are quick, intuitive, solve a problem and can be changed out for a better one when the need arises. Integrify 6 gives you the platform to create powerful process apps quickly and easily where you can design, build and deploy in a few steps.

These latest updates in Integrify 6 include:

Developer Form Task - Have existing HTML forms that you want to import and use within your Integrify environment? With the Developer Form task, you can now import existing HTML forms or create a HTML form using any HTML form designer you wish. This new task type will let you present a custom HTML/HTML5 form to the end user to gather information.

REST Client Plugin - The REST Client task allows Integrify to consume RESTful web services and parse a JSON response. This task is used to push and pull data from Web API's.

Task Configuration - Task configuration windows can be re-sized using drag handles, allowing for more viewing room when configuring your tasks.

Signature Pad Canvas - Ever need to allow users to use their Trackpad to capture a signature in an Integrify form? Now you can by adding a signature pad canvas for use in forms.

This latest update offers feature enhancements that are driven by our customer's needs, said David Willsey, CEO, Integrify. We will continue to introduce new features and functionallity that make the Integrify 6 platform even more robust while focusing on enhancing the user experience.


Available immediately. For more information about Integrify 6 or to request a demo, please contact Integrify at 888-536-9629.

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