Integrify Announces 1st Quarter Product Release Schedule

By Integrify Posted January 23, 2012

The Integrify team has been busy developing and testing our next release, v 5.5. The general availability of this release has been delayed until the end of March, 2012 although we will be providing an update this weekend (January 28th) that will contain some minor updates. Please see below for our updated schedule.

Integrify will also make a beta release of v 5.5 available on February 15th, 2012. This will be a hosted instance that will allow you access to test some of the features in v 5.5. If interested in having a hosted beta instance, please reply to this email.

In addition, Integrify will be hosting two v 5.5 webinars to review the highlights below in more detail. An announcement with the webinar dates and times will be sent prior to the February 15th beta release availability.

January 28th Updates

  • IE9 compatibility
  • Enhanced Dynamic Notification Plugin - Ability to define dynamic senders of dynamic email notifications.
  • Rich-text question type for forms
  • See More Here

February 15th v 5.5 beta availability

Everything below will be available immediately in the beta release except the New Task Display Options and Calendar View of Tasks. These two features will be including in the beta release prior to the general availability date.

March 31st v 5.5 general availability

Highlighted new features in the Integrify version 5.5 release include:

  • Enhanced Process Designer:

There are several new powerful updates within the Process Designer that allow administrators to:

Drag and drop task types where they are desired in the visual flow

    • Easily connect transition lines between tasks
    • Expand and display rules and recipients in the flow view
    • Easily view the flow (and the rules and task recipients) in print mode
    • Copy tasks in your process configurations
  • Add free text labels within the flow for notes
    • Database Connections Library:
      Now you can define and save your database connections into a reusable library to choose from for future task configurations.
    • Streamlined options for searching and filtering:
      Common options for adding, editing and deleting all items. Ability to search all lists and delete multiple items from a list.
    • New Charting Options for Reports:
      HTML 5 based charts make reports with pie, line or column charts viewable on HTML 5 compliant devices such as an iPad or Android device.
    • New Task Display Options:
      New task configuration option that allows administrators to display a Request Detail style template above a task. With several new Request Style templates available, there is a lot more flexibility in how you want to present information when users are completing their tasks. For example, you can choose to display the completed forms (from a Request Detail template) above an open approval task.
    • Calendar View of Tasks:
      A new calendar view of tasks for users that want to see when their tasks were assigned, due or scheduled to occur. Management or any group owner can also improve process performance by easily interacting with a group’s workload by monitoring, reassigning or rescheduling tasks from within a group’s calendar.
  • Inbound Email Monitoring:
    A new capability that allows administrators to define an inbox for an email address that you wish to monitor for incoming email messages. When an email message arrives in the inbox, it will generate a new request in Integrify. The data that would be captured will include the following:
      • FROM
      • TO
      • SUBJECT
      • BODY

    These data points could then be used as form prefill-data and within your business rules for routing during process execution.



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