Integrify introduces further extensibility with 'Plugin Central'

By Integrify Posted February 11, 2007

New plugins increase process capabilities with greater flexibility and integration

Chicago, IL- February 12th, 2007- Integrify Software, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Request Management (ERM) software, has announced the availability of Plugin Central for its Integrify 4.0 software. Plugins are extensions of Integrify's workflow engine that allow for in-process, bi-directional integration with external systems.

Available in installed and hosted versions, Integrify offers a 100% Web-based platform to centrally manage user requests from multiple locations, streamline workflow and operations, automate business processes, and improve the overall customer experience.

"Plugin Central has been introduced in order to provide a laundry list of available integration points that allow our customers the ability to extend the capabilities of Integrify to fit their unique business needs," said David Willsey, Integrify CEO. "These plugins offer even more simplicity and flexibility to process management so our customers can adapt Integrify to fit their operations rather than change their processes to fit the software's capabilities."

The plugins available in Plugin Central allow customers to do tasks such as integrating with existing databases, ERP software, and catalogs in order to update internal systems. A plugin acts as a task in a process, allowing customers to reduce manual data entry when updating systems or pulling information into a process for use in its workflow.

Plugin Central is now available for existing customers. In addition to the plugins developed and made available by the Integrify team in Plugin Central, Integrify expects the number of plugins will increase by allowing customers and partners to create their own plugins and add those to the list available to Integrify customers in Plugin Central.

Some initial plugins now available are:

Database Push Plugin

Customers can add the Database Push Plugin to their process to push data gathered within process directly into HR/Payroll, data warehouse, or using a relational database (i.e. PeopleSoft, SAP, etc). For example, customers can extract data from an activity in a process and update their HR/Payroll system while saving time and effort normally spent performing manual data entry.

Excel Plugin

The Excel plugin enables customers to harness the power of Excel on the users' desktop while utilizing Integrify to manage the workflow often associated with capital expenditures, expense reports, or similar financial functions.

Through Integrify's intuitive process definition interface, Process Administrators can build a process that enables the users to upload an Excel spreadsheet and then define business rules based on data within the cells of the uploaded Excel document. The data extracted from the Excel document can then be used to define approval routing rules with the process, dynamically assign approvers, or be used to reporting at a later date.

Dynamic Assigner Plugin

The Dynamic Assigner is a highly flexible plugin that harnesses the power of SQL combined with Integrify's unique ability to assign one to many approvers to another task within the process. For instance, a customer has a work request form that allows the user to pick work order type and region. Based on this work order type and region values there may be twenty variations of who the work request should be assigned to.

With the Dynamic Assigner Plugin, rather than try to constantly maintain groups of individuals and assign to various tasks, the Process Administrator can use the values from the form (type and region in this case), build a SQL statement that dynamically retrieves the appropriate individual (s) and assign the work order to those individuals.


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