Integrify Just Got Even Better

By Mike Raia | Published April 4, 2017

Spring is here and we're officially releasing a new version of Integrify (cue chirping birds). You can check out the full list of features, videos and more here.

Over the last few months, we asked several of our customers to use and provide feedback on the latest version of Integrify and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Now we're releasing it to all customers and the rest of the world.

We had two primary goals with this release. The first goal was to make improvements and add new features based on customer, partner, and market feedback. The second goal was to rethink the entire interface to make it faster, easier and more mobile-friendly while keeping it familiar for our current customers.

Form Flexibility

form designerTo that end, we focused on giving users even more flexibility to customize their workflows and processes. For instance, we completely redesigned our form builder. We knew it needed to be better so we researched dozens of form building tools, went through all the feedback we've received from our customers and told our development team to blow us away. They did. In fact, we think we have the best form builder out there and it's only going to get better.

We know our customers need to build some pretty elaborate business forms so we made sure there was plenty of room to work. We also know our customers want to be able to replicate existing forms as much as possible so we made form layout flexible. You can add sections and columns with ease and then drag and drop fields wherever you want. Want to save part of a form so you can re-use it again and again? No problem, we've added "Templates" that do just that. Create a form section (like a header, footer or standard set of fields), save it as a template, and then drag it and drop it into any form.

Form Logic

This stuff is all cool, but perhaps the most frequently asked-for form feature has been Form Logic. It's always been possible to add things like "show/hide" via javascript but we wanted to make it easier (our motto has been "No more javascript!"). We've now added "Form Rules" to our form builder. Using a familiar "If/Then" style tool you can build simple or complex form rules that hide fields or even sections, based on user input. Someone enters their department as "Finance?" Show them the Finance-related section. Someone says they need a phone on the Onboarding form? Show them the phone options. No coding required.

Have a look at the new form builder

Performance at a Glance

Another big area of need was around process performance measurement. Everyone wants to be able to see, at a glance, how well a process is performing and where the bottlenecks are. To address this, we've added "KPIs" to our Process Builder. Choose any tasks in a process and quickly build a KPI chart for it. Then add that KPI chart to a dashboard and share the dashboard with whoever needs to monitor it.

Have a look at the new KPI tool

Better for Mobile

mobile workflowOf course , efore you get down into any of the new features, the first thing you'll notice is the redesigned interface. Our goal was to keep it familiar while also cleaning up the navigation and improving response time. Meanwhile, underneath it all was the focus on a better mobile experience. For field workers or users spending time away from the office, a much better mobile experience awaits.


The Road Ahead

Our roadmap for the next several years is aggressive and, in addition to improving the product and adding new features, we'll be looking at better integration with the enterprise applications and Web tools our customers are already using.

We hope you like the look and features in the new Integrify. We're just getting started.

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