Integrify Software Promotes User Experience and Extensibility in Latest Release for Process Management

By Integrify Posted June 6, 2007

Version 4.5 provides customers greater visibility and integration into key processes with new features, reporting and web service capabilities

Chicago, IL- June 7th, 2007- Integrify Software, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Request Management (ERM) software, announced the availability of Integrify 4.5 to further improve and enhance the business process management solution it provides to its customers. Available in server and hosted versions, Integrify 4.5 offers a 100% Web-based platform to centrally manage user requests from multiple locations, streamline workflow and operations, automate business processes, and improve the overall customer experience.

The latest Integrify release offers increased flexibility in Business Process Management (BPM), including the introduction of the Integrify Web Services Module, enhanced reporting and metrics, improved user interface configuration and new features for process design.

"This release offers our customers enormous value. With the Integrify web services module and core features available in Integrify 4.5, customers can now address their need to have processes interact well with existing systems, easily generate reports in order to meet service level agreements and fulfill project management type activities," said David Willsey, CEO, Integrify.

Integrify 4.5 is a flexible request management system that allows companies to automate requests and streamline business processes. The software provides process definition, form creation and tracking tools to those responsible for processing requests, minimizing data entry and simplifying requests for approval and fulfillment. Integrify 4.5 is web-based, allowing for easy user accessibility and management of business processes. The solution eliminates problems typically related to labor-intensive processes such as manual paper handling and email requests, and can reduce costs per transaction 60 to 90 percent as opposed to paper-based processes.

The latest features include:

Process Management and User Capabilities

  • Enhanced Process Information (Owner, Process Type Information, Meta Data);
  • Task Scheduling;
  • Task Delegation;
  • Most Popular Request Panel;
  • Task Priority Indicators; and
  • Configurable Dashboards enhance user experience.

Reporting and Metrics

Enhanced reporting includes graphical displays of data, including process analysis reports that will enable administrators to provide themselves and end users with metric driven reporting across one or many processes.

  • Form Data Reporting lets users find what they need quickly;
  • Graphical reports paint a complete picture;
  • Time reports between statuses help you meet your SLAs.

The Integrify Web Services Module

The Integrify Web Service is a standalone web service encompassed within the Integrify Web application. The web service layer allows other applications to initiate a workflow, get lists of tasks, complete tasks, update process statuses and conduct other bi-directional activities. Any data passed into the workflow from an external system is exposed to the rules engine which can influence the path through the workflow.

Integrify OnDemand

Integrify 4.5 is available as either an installed server license or as a hosted service. Integrify's OnDemand solution provides the full functionality of Integrify via the Internet without the need to install and maintain software. It reduces the risk, cost and time when implementing a solution for process management. Instead of installing the software on its own site, a company can directly access the software, updates, and infrastructure, which are all maintained by Integrify, freeing up time and resources to focus on business.


For more information about Integrify 4.5 pricing or to request a demo, please contact Integrify at 888-536-9629.

About Integrify®, Inc.

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Integrify®'s customers include GlaxoSmithKline, BP, Staples, Beal Bank and Stewart Lender Services. Integrify® and the associated Integrify® logo are registered trademarks of Integrify®, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.



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