KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

By Integrify Posted February 28, 2013


With the juggernaut of consolidation growing ever louder since we first put this list together in 2000, you'd think to identify a hundred companies that matter in knowledge management would be increasingly easier to assemble, right? Heck, it simply follows that with fewer companies to choose from, it would be simpler to pick 100. Not at all. It's harder than ever because of the increasing cross-functionality of today's solutions.

As is the case since we first published it in 2000, a compilation of the list is a yearlong collaborative effort among colleagues, analysts, system integrators and a select group of users. As it has been for 13 years, the list is intended to spark a larger discussion of knowledge management. Hence, we consider this list to be a work in progress. We're always on the lookout for groundbreaking solutions or notable modifications to existing ones. Throughout the year, the organizations and products we find most interesting will be showcased on our site and in our magazine.

Criteria for inclusion vary, but all companies have things in common. Each has either helped to create a market, redefine one or enhance one, and they all share two things-velocity of innovation and the agility to properly serve customers. We should emphasize again that the list is really a marker in time for the evolving and expanding knowledge management universe. We invite discussion and encourage you to contact us regarding KM tools and services you find especially valuable. Vendors: Ask your customers to tell us how your solutions have benefited their business. Analysts, consultants, and integrators: Give us a heads-up when you discover especially interesting software and emerging trends.

Remember, the purpose of the list is to generate interest and discussion about the breadth of knowledge management tools and services-and to highlight the companies our panel believes best fulfill the goal of delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.


We encourage you to visit the websites of the 100 companies we listed. You'll see why we selected them. And starting on page 19 (KMWorld, March 2013, Vol.22, Issue 3) or following this online artice, you can hear from the companies themselves in the special View From the Top section. Here, CEO and other top officials share their vision of the knowledge economy and how their solutions allow their customers to reach their goals.

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