KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2013

By Integrify Posted August 31, 2013


KMWORLD Trend-Setting Products of 2013

The common thread running through all the products listed here is the unique value—and potential value—they offer the organization, its workers and their various constituencies. Not all have been implemented exclusively in business-related environments. And, in many cases, it is precisely the vision of the customers that implemented the products that qualifies them as trend-setting by opening markets not originally considered by the vendor. We have also identified products that have yet to gain traction, but we believe they deserve a long hard look by the market.

As we have in years past, we considered usability, flexibility, adoption rate and total cost of ownership. And we also recognized some vendors for their vision toward the future or for a collection of offerings, rather than a specific product or compelling new version of an existing one. As was the case when we first published our Trend-Setting Products list in 2003, this year's version has been assembled through consultation and collaboration with editorial colleagues, analysts, system integrators and a select group of users. This year, we considered more than 700 offerings from some 300 vendors.

In each and every case, the thoughtfulness and elegance of the software certainly warrant further investigation, and we're confident that a number of products listed here will dramatically boost the productivity of any type of organization.

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