Why You Need a Dedicated Approval Management System

By Mike Raia | Published June 23, 2017

With a dedicated approval management system as part of your technology stack, you can regain hours of lost time every week while providing better visibility into every approval process. With a standalone (but integrated) approval management system rather than a use case-specific tool (for instance contract approvals, marketing collateral approvals, etc.), an organization is free to build highly-specific and robust approval processes for any department in the organization.

Using email and spreadsheets seems like a reasonable way to handle approvals, largely because it's free, but how much time is being wasted managing emails and documents? How many approvals get lost in the shuffle? Does anyone know the status of an approval without sending even more emails? That's no way to work.

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There are true, cost-saving benefits provided by approval management systems. Here are a few:

Dedicated Approval Management System Benefits

  • Anyone with access can log into a self-service request portal to make approval requests 24X7.
  • Requesters, approvers, and managers can track the progress of every approval request.
  • Approvers can easily review and approve requests online or by clicking on an email link.
  • Administrators can define, create, and adjust approval workflows or steps as needed.
  • Administrators can set up alternate approvers to cover for vacations, illness, and travel.
  • Administrators can build user-friendly forms with logic and calculations.
  • Managers can track departmental performance against metrics and identify bottlenecks.
  • Auditors have a complete record of who, what, when, where, and why approvals were made.

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