Philadelphia Federal Credit Union Case Study

By Katy Reid Posted June 30, 2021


Philadelphia Federal Credit Union (PFCU) had internal processes in place before finding Integrify, but many of them necessitated manual procedures, which slowed turnaround times. These manual procedures included carrying vendor contracts to different members of management to fulfill different roles' activities, sending countless emails for tracking the status of those contracts, updating manual logs of what had been received/not received, and so on were removed by the established processes.

Instead of various departments handling things differently, the workflows that were put in place for their teams helped ensure consistency in procedures for all users. PFCU upgraded its process management by eliminating all manual processes and improving visibility, better tacking, and shorter turnaround times. To see more about how PFCU improved its processes, click the link below.

Read the Full Case Study Here

Katy Reid

Katy is a member of the Integrify Marketing team and writes on a variety of subjects for the Integrify blog as well as managing Integrify's social media presence.

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