25 Resources Sites to Improve Your Process Improvement Projects

By Mike Raia Posted January 21, 2020


A collection of process improvement project resources that can help project managers achieve better outcomes and provide more organizational value.


process improvement

There's no silver bullet for ensuring a successful process improvement project will succeed, however, many wise souls write on the topics relevant to anyone tasked with managing organizational improvement efforts. These topics in include process improvement, obviously, but also project management, change management, and digital transformation.

Improving your skills in all these areas will provide you and your organization with enormous benefits.

Process Improvement Resources


kevin meyer

Cofounder of Gemba Academy and renowned lean practitioner, Kevin Meyer provides a thought-provoking blog on all topics process improvement and lean leadership. With at least once-monthly posts on “The Divergent Paths of Old Lean Dudes,” “Oh, The Mistakes I’ve Made,” and other engaging topics, his blog is sure to add to your entertainment and expertise.


all about lean

Christopher Roser, Professor of Production Management at the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, shares decades of experience and knowledge in process improvement on his blog. Because his professional experience is diversified, his methods and advice can be applied in nearly every industry.



Katie Anderson has been sharing her expertise with the online world since 2015 through her process improvement blog, which includes dozens of posts, podcasts, interviews, and articles. Many of her posts share insights gleaned from the years she spent in Japan.


quality gurus

With posts titled, “ASQ CMQ/OE Exam Preparation Quiz,” and “How to pass your Certified Quality Auditor Exam,” the Quality Gurus blog is dedicated to helping you prepare to advance your career in process improvement. Although posting is less frequent than other blogs that made the list, the content is worth a visit.

KaiNexus Blog

kai nexus

KaiNexus offers a prolific blog focused on the kaizen improvement concept. A variety of authors with diverse experiences and expertise contribute quality content ranging from HR topics like engagement to quality, continuous improvement, innovation, and more, and guests can subscribe to receive updates right in their inbox.

Change Management Resources


simon associates

Simon Associates Management Consultants provides both a blog and a podcast on successful change management. The conversational tone of the authors and no-nonsense approach to change in business climates make this blog well worth the stop for those interested in or responsible for leading organizations into what’s next.



Fierce’s change management blog can be summarized by its tagline: “Learn how to have conversations that get results.” With topics ranging from mastering the remote work arrangement to raising employees who embrace change, the blog presents valuable information often accompanied by actionable steps and key takeaways, helping the reader follow through with action that makes a difference.

Omega Z Advisors

omega z advisors

A well-known thought leader in influence, Mike Lehr, maintains an active blog helping people “become better influencers and problem solvers.” Although the blog addresses a myriad of eclectic topics (all of which are likely to capture and hold your attention), readers can select the “change management” tag to filter results and sharpen competencies in this realm.    

Conversations of Change

conversations of change

Management expert Dr. Jen Frahm offers a podcast series, well-known e-books, and a blog titled “The Water Cooler.” Her blog posts are both littered with hard-to-find guidance and expertise, yet casual and easy to read, making them a great routine stop for those responsible for leading organizations through necessary change.  


meliorate blog

Torben Rick maintains a high-quality blog focused almost entirely on change management and related topics (business improvement and organizational culture and strategy). His blog address little-discussed and sometimes controversial topics, calling the reader to think outside the box and challenge himself or herself to disrupt the organization in a meaningful way.


Lean Change org

Perhaps most notable about the Lean Change Management blog is writer Jason Little’s ability to engage the reader. This blog utilizes a conversational stone that borders on storytelling, leading to an emotional connection with the material and an authentic desire to apply what you’ve learned.

Digital Transformation Resources

The Enterprisers Project

the enterprisers project

Although not a true blog, but rather a collection of articles, The Enterprisers Project checks every box when it comes to quality reads in the digital transformation space. Reasons to subscribe include nearly daily articles, a variety of authors who are experts in the same, and topics that go above and beyond trends to help you launch your career and take your organization to the next level.


digitalist magazine

The Digitalist Magazine isn’t a blog but we simply couldn’t leave it off the list. This site delivers over and over again. With twice-weekly articles on customer experience, the future of work, the internet of things, the digital economy and more, there is something for nearly everybody who has their hands in digital transformation in 2020.


reddit digital transformation

We agree it’s a little unorthodox. But r/digitaltransformation is littered with an eclectic spread of articles, blog posts, and resources that you might never encounter otherwise, making it worth a quick stop (and by quick, we mean you’re never getting out).

MIT Sloan Management Review

MIT sloane management review digital transformation

Searching for articles with the tag “digital transformation” reveals a treasure trove of relevant and thought-provoking content on this website. In just a two-minute read, you can find the best MIT SMR articles of the last decade, for example, or in a few more minutes, take in an audio clip detailing how digital changes the roles of leaders. Content is updated often – sometimes more than one article per day – which means you’ll find something new every time you visit.

Software Insider

ray wang digital transformation

Software Insider’s digital transformation blog provides a monthly debriefing of industry events and trends, ensuring you know what’s going on in the digital transformation world even if you never make it out of your office. With great graphics and brief videos embedded in each post, the blog could hardly be called boring – even for the less-savvy.

Business Technology Roundtable

business technology roundtable

This blog pairs a more formal tone with charts and graphs to drive discussion and thought on a wide variety of digital transformation topics. Because all posts are essentially on a single page – with the entirety of the body there – be ready to scroll…and scroll. Despite this minor annoyance, the information provided is extensive, often taking a deeper dive into transformation topics than you’ll see elsewhere.



The blog at Techwave explores changing IT regulations and other technology topics in biweekly blog posts. While the posts target those who specialize in digital transformation, most begin by defining key terms and setting the groundwork, so even newbies (or those who aren’t in transformation at all but would like to better understand) can make sense of the information and apply in their daily work.

Social, Agile, and Transformation

social, agile, and transformation'

Isaac Sacolick is a successful CIO who has led digital transformation, innovation, agile, and data science programs for multiple companies. He blogs frequently about all things digital with a focus on how companies can become better through technology, especially with digital transformation.

Project Management Resources

A Girl’s Guide to Project Management

girls guide to project management

Project management expert Elizabeth Harrin provides a woman’s perspective on the discipline in her blog, which aims to help followers deliver on their projects. While the blog is primarily intended for a female audience, tips, tricks, and cheat sheets can be used by anyone who’s been tasked with leading a project.

Productivity Land


Bloggers Steve and Frank test out productivity applications and software and share their findings through lists, articles, and in-depth reviews on this blog. If you’re looking for the right solution to managing productivity in the workplace (or at home), look no further – you can find everything you need to know by keeping up with this fun blog.


PM student

Margaret Meloni authors this blog exploring IT project management and PMO leadership topics. Targeting project management specifically, she explores the reasons projects fail, how PMs can build effective relationships at work, tips for advancing their career, and a plethora of advice to help you deliver your projects on time and on budget.

The Lazy Project Manager’s Blog

Lazy Project Manager's Blog

Peter Taylor, keynote speaker and author of The Lazy Project Manager, shares his insights in his WordPress blog. As you’ve possibly gathered from the title of his book and blog, Peter’s primary focus is on finding ways to make project management as easy as possible to improve deliverables without sacrificing work-life balance.

Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

Easy in Theory, Difficult in Practice

Kiron Bondale’s blog explores the most challenging aspects of both project management and change management, providing guidance in the areas PMs are most likely to get stuck and struggle to apply what they’ve learned in theory to practice. Weekly posts and a brutally-honest perspective make this blog worth your time.

Gina Abudi’s Blog

Gina Abudi’s Blog

As the President of the Project Management Institute (PMI) Massachusetts Bay Chapter Board of Directors, Gina Abudi is an experienced expert in the PM space. In this blog, she shares those rich experiences and lessons learned with her readers, typically in brief discussion posts that can be read in less than a minute.

Hopefully, you'll find some helpful tips and resources on this list. Have any sites are blogs we left out? Please let us know in the comments.

Mike Raia

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