Productivity Points: 4 Ways To Maintain Creative Thinking

By Katy Reid Posted April 13, 2021


Integrify's new YouTube segment, Productivity Points, is here to help in improving your overall productivity. Every month there will be new videos including tips and tricks on how to get more out of your day, efficiency, life hacks, and more. Stay tuned!

This Month's Productivity Point

Being a creative thinker is beneficial in all facets of life, particularly in one's career. Maintaining a clear conscience is one of the most significant aspects of keeping your imagination sharp. Working at home makes this difficult because there are no coworkers to bounce suggestions off of, no consistent work environment, and the many distractions that come with home life. Although, as we all know, adapting is a part of life, and continuing to change your outlook and enable yourself to think clearly and imaginatively can help your brain and its capacity to be innovative.

We all know stress can become overwhelming at times, leaving no space for creative thinking to flourish — using these four tactics will keep your mind fresh and your creative juices flowing.


Katy Reid

Katy is a member of the Integrify Marketing team and writes on a variety of subjects for the Integrify blog as well as managing Integrify's social media presence.


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