Our Top 10 Posts of 2016

By Mike Raia Posted December 21, 2016


We Bid Adieu to a Long, Strange Year

After a long and bizarre year, we're looking back at what we posted in 2016 and selecting the best content based on traffic and feedback. We talked a lot about compliance and process optimization as well as employee self-service and difficult customers. Hopefully, we educated and entertained along the way.

  1. The Complete Guide to Business Process Management: Introduction
  2. How Quickly Does Your Organization Make Decisions?
  3. 5 Tasks, 5 Systems: The Sad Reality of Employee Self-Service
  4. The Hidden Costs of Poor Internal Customer Service
  5. The Temptation and the Trap of Homegrown Systems
  6. What Are Companies Automating?
  7. Do You Have a “Culture of Compliance?”
  8. Ensuring Compliance by Improving User Experience
  9. The Shortlist: Dealing with “Difficult” Clients
  10. Still Attaching Forms to Emails? Read this.
Mike Raia

Marketing the world's best workflow automation software and drinking way too much coffee. https://about.me/mikeraia

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