Use Case of the Month: Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

By Toni Buffa | Published May 30, 2023

Ensure compliance and uphold your organization's highest standards by automating your NDA process.  

A standardized process for legal agreements, such as an NDA, will hold your organization accountable. For some institutions, having employees sign a non-disclosure agreement is crucial. These agreements protect ideas and information. This document could be a part of an employee's onboarding, and without having an automated system for keeping track of processes, this may get thrown under the rug.

Process Apps are excellent, free resources for Integrify customers to build workflow processes faster. Each process is built out with completed forms and tasks ready for you to put your information in. This month's featured use case is an employee non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This process provides a way to capture signatures on employees' Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) form and alert the relevant parties internally.

With all other process apps as well, possible enhancements could include making this an external-facing process for vendors, partners, etc. or using custom tables and DB queries to send to a group and check who has and hasn't completed it. 

At Integrify, we want to help get you and your organization up and running with your first process by providing free Process Apps. These downloadable files are almost 80% complete and come equipped with all the necessary forms and tasks, ready to be imported and customized to your needs.



If your organization would benefit from implementing an automated system for collecting information, such as an NDA, reach out to Integrify for a custom demo

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Toni Buffa

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