Use Case of the Month: 3 New Processes Available for Download

By Toni Buffa | Published April 20, 2022

These 3 Process Apps were built and created from scratch by some of our very own Integrify customers at our user conference in Nashville. One of our favorite parts of the conference is where we have our customers compete in an "Integrify Team Building Challenge"  to build a process from the ground up and present their work for a chance to win a prize!  

These specific three are now available for download to use in your own Integrify instance and can be used immediately. 

  1. Education Assistance Request - This was the winning entry in the competition!

    • Using this process, students can request tuition assistance from the university. The process includes approvals, mentor selection, a tuition form, and a sub-process for the Bursar's office.  

  2. Product Return Request

    • Using this process, customers can return items while providing complete tracking throughout the process from inspection to refund/replacement.

  3. Parts Rental Check-In / Check-Out

    • This process allows rental parts to be requested, inventory to be confirmed, approvals to be sent, and then follows up with a survey for customer satisfaction.


Thank you to all of our customers who participated in the Integrify Team Building Challenge. Now we are able to share these processes with the rest of the Integrify community and we can all be workflow warriors!


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Toni Buffa

Toni is a member of the Integrify marketing team and writes for the Integrify blog. Toni lives in Colorado and loves animals of all stripes.