Use Case of the Month: Employee Offboarding

By Toni Buffa Posted June 28, 2022


The employee offboarding process is a systematic way for organizations to manage the departure of an employee that ensures consistency and reduces risk to the organization. A large number of organizations handle employee offboarding, (also known as: "termination procedures" and "off boarding"), through loose, manual processes like emails, phone calls, and private conversations. 

Signs of a Risky Employee Offboarding Process

  • Knowledge transfer, either person-to-person or person-to-system, can be missed and leave departments at risk.
  • Other departments can be left out of the loop (finance, payroll, it, etc.) leading to delays and confusion.

While you may have an offboarding policy, unless it's executed with an automated workflow it can put your business at risk. 

How Could You Automate the Offboarding Process?

  • Create an offboarding checklist that includes all the potential items, access credentials, keys, accounts, etc. that an employee might have.
  • Ensure receipt of paperwork (non-disclosure, etc.)
  • Confirm that information about insurance continuation (COBRA), retirement fund withdrawals, and other benefits matters were discussed.

Employee Offboarding Process Example

Integrify customers can download a free Employee Offboarding Template to get a jump start on designing their own customized workflow.


Initial Offboarding Form

HR Exit Form


Exit Interview Form




Download this process and imported into your Integrify instance. 


For more on employee offboarding see our article on this process

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