What Should You Automate Next?

By Mike Raia Posted October 25, 2016


Individual process optimization projects (whether part of an existing BPM effort or performed in isolation) can provide substantial productivity gains. But which processes are ripe for automation/optimization?

Here are some general guidelines to consider when you go process automation hunting:

Review Examples and Brainstorm

Sometimes the best way to generate ideas is to look at existing examples. We've put together a few resources that show samples (most based on real customers) of automated workflows across different departments. Some examples may be directly applicable to the way your department works, others may simply offer inspiration. Keep in mind as you brainstorm that you need to account for any strategic shifts going on in the organization and prioritize projects accordingly.

Deep Impact

  • Which processes touch your customers most directly and therefore offer the most business value?
  • Which processes impact your supply chain?
  • Which processes slow down the realization of revenue?

A Touching Story

  • Which processes in your organization touch the most people?
  • Which processes are handled by the most people?

Getting Attached

  • Which documents get attached most to emails?
  • What is the most common email/messaging topic, especially the ones with the longest threads?

Don't Go Changing

  • What process in your organization has gone the longest without changing?
  • Which processes have changed the most?

Highwire Act

  • Which processes present the most risk if mistakes are made?
  • Which processes are under the most internal or external scrutiny?
  • Which processes would benefit most from being audited?

Going Long

  • Which processes take the most time?
  • Which processes have the most hand-offs, checkpoints, sign-offs and child processes?

If you have more ideas we'd love to hear them. Just respond in the comments below or email me at mike.raia (at) integrify.com.

Mike Raia

Marketing the world's best workflow automation software and drinking way too much coffee. https://about.me/mikeraia

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