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What Is Change Request Management?

Change request management is the organized, efficient handling of changes requested over the course of a project using data collection, rules, and automation.

Change Requests in Project Management

Change requests can often be seen as interruptions or impediments to projects but, in reality, they are a natural part of any project plan and drive innovation, error avoidance, and communication through the scope of the project.

However, the benefits of change requests are often mired in a tangle of poor process management including:

  • Inconsistent information collection
  • Lack of standardized routing and review
  • Delays and long turnaround times
  • Lack of transparency and accountability
  • Poor reporting

Automating Change Request Workflow

example of a change request form
Example of a custom change request form.

Automating your change requests with workflow automation provides significant benefits like:

Continuous Improvement Through Analysis

By using an automation platform like Integrify, not only will change request management become more efficient, but you will also have the opportunity to track and report on all aspects of the process. This intelligence feeds process improvement efforts, leading to a more streamlined, accurate process over time. 

As bottlenecks and errors are discovered, tweaks can be made to the process, leading to more efficiencies. For instance, project managers may find that group approvals make more sense than individual approvals to ensure the approval process isn't held up when individuals are unavailable.

Benefits of Automated Change Requests

By using an automation platform like Integrify for change requests and change orders, your department or business will realize meaningful gains.

  • Reduced change cycle times.
  • Fewer errors related to change requests.
  • A clear, standardized process for all stakeholders.
  • An improved work experience for both requesters and team members.
  • Better transparency for executives.

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