With growth as the catalyst, Airrosti needed to automate their business processes quickly.



Airrosti Rehab Centers is a healthcare provider group that specializes in delivering quality, outcome-based care for all soft tissue-related injuries or musculoskeletal pain. A fast-growing business operating in four states, Airrosti recognized the need to start automating its business processes.

At the top of its list was onboarding new offices, because that process was integral to its growth. With that goal as a catalyst, the company started investigating BPM software products.

The Challenge

Because Airrosti didn't have a large IT staff, they focused on ease of use and visual design tools that would make it easy for business users to take control of building processes. Airrosti selected Integrify and opted for the cloud version due to the need for immediate upgrades and lower maintenance requirements. In addition, they decided to start off with a small group of users with the expectation that they'd be adding more over time.

How is workflow automation used?

Why Integrify?

Airrosti identified a number of candidate products, primarily through online research. "We took part in webinars and spoke with the vendors to understand each product," says Lindsay Graap, a financial analyst at Airrosti and one of the primary decision-makers in the selection process. "One of our top criteria was the ease of use because we do not have a large IT staff. In addition, we wanted the option of viewing the process in either a graphical flowchart format or in the form of a text description." As a small business, Airrosti also wanted a product that was within its budget and was well supported by the vendor.

"We expose all of the layers, including the database, application and user interface layers. This allows us to easily integrate with other products and systems." 

Airrosti selected Integrify, as a process management software product because of the visual task flow designer and the platform allows configuration with no coding required. "We opted for the SaaS version rather on-premise because we wanted the immediate upgrades and lower maintenance requirements," Graap explains. "In addition, it was easy for us to start off with a small group of users and then expand as needed."

What They’ve Built

The first process Airrosti implemented was not the one that had prompted the search for a process management solution, but a simpler process of onboarding new employees. "This process was fairly straightforward and allowed us to learn how to use the system," Graap says. "Integrify proved to be very easy to use. The hardest part was figuring out what the process should look like since many of our processes had never been formally documented." Another process that has been automated is that of IT-related requests, such as obtaining new cell phones, computers, and laptops.

"Automating the whole onboarding process will be very helpful and save us a lot of time."

Onboarding of new offices is now being implemented in Integrify, with ongoing changes to make that process more efficient. The tasks associated with onboarding offices include obtaining contracts, licenses, and supplies and fulfilling many other requirements. One piece of the process that will soon be in place is an automatic notification to the corporate bank that the new office needs an account set up. "The system automatically sends information to the bank that allows them to set up the account," explains Graap.

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