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Automating HR Requests Saves Time and Resources


The Bellevue Club & Hotel in Bellevue, Wash., an in-city luxury resort, utilized a paper-based form that included five carbon copies and could be used for nine different human resources-related requests, including new hire requests, salary/wage change requests, and time-off requests, and was passed via interoffice mail from department to department for approvals and notifications. This process took too long and provided employees with no way to track the status of their requests and had no central repository for employees to request and approve.

In addition, the paper-based form resulted in build-up of carbon copies and a tremendous waste of paper. The club’s management was hesitant about moving away from the paper system because they needed the carbon copies as an audit trail of all requests and approvals.

The Challenge

The Bellevue Club management team needed an efficient way to submit requests, route them for approvals and notifications, and provide an audit trail of all processes.

The Solution

Integrify’s software solved the Bellevue Club’s challenges with a centralized Web interface that allows users to submit and track all their requests through their company intranet. Integrify also routes all requests to the appropriate people for approval or notification via email or their user dashboard and allows administrators to easily modify processes/forms as needed.

The Integrify solution is extremely easy to use from both the user and administrator views, unlike most other solutions that need a lengthy development of workflows in addition to packaged solutions that are overkill. Because of its intuitive interface, Integrify is faster and easier to install, which allowed Bellevue to be up and running and benefiting from an automated process faster than other products would have allowed.

The Results

The Bellevue Club & Hotel is a model example of how request automation can benefit the hospitality industry. The resort has seen a drastic reduction in its approval cycles for requests that are submitted as well as the number of inquiries on the status of requests. Employee productivity has improved because less time is spent on submitting and approving requests. Both employees and managers feel that communication within and between departments has dramatically improved since they have access to request forms and status from any location with a Web browser, not just at their desks.

“Automating our approval processes for human resources, facilities and purchase requests have been something we’ve wanted to do for quite a while,” said Dick Boscombe, IS manager for the Bellevue Club. “Integrify’s Integrify solution allows us to easily automate those processes, removing an inefficient paper chase and saving us a tremendous amount of time fulfilling a request.”

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