Biologics Uses Integrify to Automate Accreditation and Product Development


Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, Biologics, Inc. is an oncology pharmacy services company that works with healthcare providers payors and biopharma companies to provide the best possible care for patients diagnosed with cancer. Through its oncology pharmacy and patient access services, Biologics supports the holistic patient – supporting their clinical, financial and emotional needs. Biologics was looking for a cost-effective workflow management tool to support their ongoing accreditation program. Tony Lombard, Biologics’ Vice President of Strategic Informatics, found Integrify on the Web and believed it to be the right solution for their unique needs.

Tony is responsible for Biologics’ information systems, including data security, data reporting, telecommunications and systems for reimbursement and shipping. To Tony, Integrify was a good fit because it was extremely customizable. With a highly graphical workflow development tool, a non-technical person can develop a workflow quickly. Integrify also has robust API tools allowing data to flow in and out of the application to other data sources. The HTML forms were a nice feature as well. This allowed for custom data capture and development to support their operational needs.

“Integrify’s workflow captured all the necessary data to support the compliance needs of the accreditation.”

Tony Lombard, Vice President of Strategic Informatics

Once implemented, Tony and his team set about incorporating Integrify’s workflow system into the organization’s business processes. “First we built two patient specialty case management systems,” said Lombard, “These included custom forms, database pushes and Integrify widgets, which allowed us to integrate Integrify into other support tools.”

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Once completed, the new automated accreditation system allowed nurses to track key metrics of activities they performed. Accreditation is based on documented, timely processing of requests based on Federal and State laws. “While the nurses took care of patients and documented the interactions, Integrify’s workflow captured all the necessary data to support the compliance needs of the accreditation,” said Lombard.

In addition to automating the accreditation program the team used Integrify to support the launch of a new drug, and to date the program has served nearly 14,000 patients worldwide.

“Integrify is a solid product. We’ve been using it for nearly 2 years now and have been quite happy with it.”

Tony Lombard

Biologics was able to create a complex workflow between two companies with disparate technologies. Each workflow had authentication steps built in along with custom forms with important data validation rules. This ensured the accurate capture of critical patient information. The database APIs allowed each company to work in their respective system yet share data in near real time. They also tightly integrated document management and display and shipment information with real time tracking information. Ultimately, they were able to create web services that allowed non-operational users real-time views into the data model for quality control and quality assurance activities.

“Integrify is a solid product. We’ve been using it for nearly 2 years now and have been quite happy with it,” Lombard said. “For any type of workflow we build, Integrify provides a wide variety of flexible objects to help us automate and support operational efficiencies.”The workflow supporting the launch contains over 200 rules, and the largest custom-developed form pulls in over 300 fields from a central data warehouse that is integrated with an external case management system.

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