Integrify vs. Kissflow: A Comparison

Compare which workflow automation software makes sense for your department or organization.

Choosing workflow software can be a complex process so we'd like to give you some helpful information if you've narrowed your choices down to Integrify and Kissflow. The platforms offer similar features on the surface but there are notable differences.


Compare Features

While Integrify and Kissflow share some features, there are plenty of differences in both the number and implementation of them.

Integrify Features

  • Process Builder: Drag and drop interface, a wide variety of task types can be employed, task-level integration.
  • Form Designer: Drag and drop form design, natively mobile responsive, form logic, templates, and pre-fills.
  • Service Portal: Customizable portal interface including branding, full HTML, widgets.
  • Reporting: Custom reporting, KPI tracking, complete audit trail,
  • Integration: Open, REST-based API.

Kissflow Features

  • Process Builder: Clean interface, limited layout options, no drag and drop building.
  • Form Designer: Easy drag and drop, formulas possible, no show/hide logic, limited layout.
  • Service Portal: Clean, modern interface, limited customization, branding.
  • Reporting: Attractive charts and dashboards, limited report customization.
  • Integration: REST-based API, Zapier

Who Are Kissflow and Integrify Built For?

Kissflow is a great tool for smaller companies with modest workflow needs. Simple processes can be built quickly or with templates and straightforward forms can be built without much technical skill. This makes Kissflow a good choice for companies of 1-25 people.

Integrify is a robust tool for larger and enterprise companies whose processes are more complex and require customization. Complex, dynamic forms are possible without much technical skill, but if an organization has the requisite skills in-house, much more can be done. Integrify makes sense for companies with 250 or more employees as well as the enterprise.

See Integrify in Action

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