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Company Overview

Integrify allows businesses to bring people, processes, and technology together on a centralized, cloud-based platform.

Founded in 2001, Integrify set out to help businesses easily develop automated workflows using our low-code, easy-to-use automation platform. Integrify provides extreme flexibility with customization and integration that allows customers to improve service, efficiency, and compliance.

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20 N. Wacker Dr. #3330
Chicago IL, 60606
(888) 536-9629

What We Solve for Customers

Many companies still cling to manual, inefficient processes for handling critical business workflow. From approving invoices to onboarding employees, teams are stuck with sending emails, sharing spreadsheets, or messaging colleagues to get what they need. Integrify changes all that.

process builder

Our platform allows our customers to replace manual, repetitive tasks with intelligent automation and integration.

user portal

We provide a centralized, user-friendly portal for anyone to submit a request, manage approvals, track statuses, and complete tasks.

Our Customers

Well-known organizations trust Integrify's automation platform to make them more efficient every day.

Executive Team

Dave Willsey

CEO and Cofounder

Dave manages business strategy, operations, sales, and growth for Integrify. He continues to build the perfect Integrify team and bring his customers success. In his free time, Dave plays a ton of tennis, softball, and golf, even in the winter— now, that’s dedication! A native to both San Diego and the Washington DC area, he enjoys returning to both coasts with his family whenever he can.

Dave Willsey

Rich Trusky

CTO and Cofounder

Head of our Chapel Hill office, Rich oversees product development and technical direction and finds new solutions for Integrify. An avid surfer, surfboard craftsman, and Reggae enthusiast, he enjoys trips to the Caribbean and the Outer Banks to enjoy the ocean with his family.

Rich Trusky

John Bartlett

VP Professional Services, Integrify

John is Integrify’s VP of Professional Services and oversees all services and implementations of Integrify. He’s focused on planning and delivering effective process automation solutions for a wide variety of complex use cases using the Integrify platform. John has delivered hundreds of large-scale process automation solutions for customers around the world.

John Bartlett

What We Solve for Customers

Integrify's low-code workflow automation platform is used by many Fortune 500 companies to automate processes and dramatically improve efficiency.


Our platform allows our customers to replace manual, repetitive tasks with intelligent automation.

We provide a centralized, user-friendly portal for users to submit requests, track progress, and complete tasks.


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