Request Management Software for the Enterprise

Reduce request management costs, cut workflow and request management cycle times.

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Correct workflow issues by providing an automated front-end and back-end for request management and approvals.

What Is Request Management?

Request Management systematically handles the tasks required for critical internal or external requests using workflow automation, business rules, and analytics.

What Are the Issues Around Request Management?

Problems managing requests are manifested in many ways throughout your organization. Are you experiencing:

  • Slow request turnaround times.
  • Frequent mistakes when fulfilling requests.
  • Lack of status transparency for those making requests.
  • Confusion about how to make requests.
  • Bad request hand-offs between team members.

These issues add up to a poor customer or employee experience that can reduce trust, efficiency, and growth.

Request Workflow Management is the Solution

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Enterprise request management software allows you to easily design and deploy self-service request portals while intelligently routing requests using business rules.

Integrify is a leading request management software solution that helps organizations reduce costs and improve the employee experience by providing process definition, workflow automation, and status visibility for areas such as Information Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Sales & Marketing, and other types of services. Any department that receives requests can do it better with Integrify's request management platform.

“This has been a colossal improvement for our team. We’re a smarter enterprise – and this is an achievement we’ve been working toward for years.”
Mallory Manke, Process Improvement Analyst for SONY Network Entertainment (Read More)

The fastest way to define and deliver request processes and workflow

Our customers use this basic request management framework—User Portal, Forms, Workflow, and Reporting—to build a huge variety of request management solutions, including:

Unlike other solutions, Integrify can be configured to how your organization works. We don't force you into a pre-built HR, Finance, Operations, or IT solution. You build it to suit or have us build it for you. As long as you're an Integrify customer, you can change or improve the process anytime.

Integrify Request Management Overview

Request Portal

To manage all the incoming requests, your employees/partners/customers need a consistent, easy-to-use service request management portal. Integrify provides a personalized request portal that allows users to submit and track their requests in real time. They can see which requests are completed, pending, or in progress. Plus, they get email alerts for changes and updates in the process.

request management portal


When building and managing request forms, you need a powerful form-building solution for easy form reuse and rapid development. You also need to be able to build intelligent forms with logic and customized fields. Integrify offers all that and more. Plus, our forms are automatically optimized for all mobile devices, and the built-in editor allows you to present any look and feel you want. Quickly locate, copy, or add existing forms to any process.

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Business Workflow

Once a request is submitted, you must ensure it's handled quickly and adequately. Building standardized request workflows is Integrify's bread and butter. We offer the industry's best drag-and-drop process designer, allowing even novices to build process workflows quickly and with whatever level of complexity.


Integrify tracks and maintains an audit trail of all your workflow processes, form data, and user actions. Your data and metrics are stored in a relational database (SQL Server or Oracle). Reports and information can be displayed in real-time and scheduled for distribution when users need them. Use visual reports to paint a complete picture. Follow your team's progress against Service Level Agreements and use Scoreboards to track the overall efficiency of your processes to drive improvements. Run reports based on your form data to find the requests you're looking for quickly.

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There's No Better Way to Manage Requests

Beyond a simple Web form tool and before a cumbersome Business Process Management (BPM) suite, there is Request Management. Quickly deploy solutions to manage requests across the entire organization or within a single department. With Integrify, you're not tied to a pre-built solution because our software is open by design. Integrify can be used for ANY request process.

“Everything that we do, at some point or other, flows through Integrify.”
Tom Martin, Project Manager at Exacto (Read More)

Request Management FAQs

Q. How do I manage requests?
A. By building request intake forms or actions and then designing a workflow to route and track requests through your process automatically.

Q. How much does request management software cost?
A. The cost of most systems is subscription-based and determined by the number of users who need access to the system. In some situations, the cost may be based on the number of workflows you create or transactions you process.

Q. Does the system integrate with existing software?
A. Yes. This can be through pre-built connectors or custom development using the system's open API.

Q.  How long does request management software take to implement?
A. The length of any implementation depends on the complexity of the request process being designed. Simple, straightforward workflows can be built in days while more complex workflows may take several weeks or months. Implementation time also depends on the organization's readiness, including process documentation, executive buy-in, requirements, etc.

Interested in Automating Request Management?

Integrify has been shown to reduce service request management costs by more than 30 percent for most enterprises, cut workflow and request management cycle times in half, and deliver positive ROI in less than 3 months.

We have a library of helpful resources to guide you on your journey to an automated workflow.

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