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Workflow Automation Guide

This in-depth guide provides insights on Workflow Automation including examples and case studies. If you’re just starting to look for solutions or have been in the market for a while, you’ll find helpful tips and information about how workflow management works and how it’s been helping businesses achieve more efficient operations.

The Guide currently comes in three versions (with more to come):

Workflow ROI Guide

This guide will help you think through your own unique workflow situation(s) and come up with some quantifiable metrics that you can share with colleagues, leadership, vendors, etc. when making the case for implementing a workflow automation solution for your department or organization.

Automating Employee Onboarding

The onboarding process sets the tone for the employee’s relationship with their new company. If the process is disconnected and poorly organized, the employee’s chances of success are greatly diminished while the chances of turnover increase.

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Industrial Strength Approval Management

Depending on the scale and complexity of your approval processes, there may be a significant number of steps, people, and resources involved. Your approval system needs to be able to scale to your most complex request, yet keep things simple enough for business users to build a straightforward approval workflow when needed. This eBook covers the key aspects of complex approval management.

The Complete BPM Guide

This thorough and open guide (no registration required!) provides background, tools, examples, tips and prepares you for your own small or large Business Process Management (BPM) project. We cover everything from scoping the project to process diagrams and KPIs. Read it all online or download a PDF.

eBook: Four Requirements of Internal Process Compliance

Since many business processes rely on limited but entrenched tools like email and spreadsheets, it is hard to ensure compliance. By embracing workflow automation to enforce process level compliance organizations can optimize the return on process strategy, planning and training investments.

Automating Request and Approval Workflow

Even though the competitive landscape changes almost daily, the fundamentals for business success never change. Getting the fundamentals right requires organizations of all shapes and sizes to streamline business processes with automated workflow management solutions.

Why Automate Your Workflow?

Despite the amazing advances in software tools and systems, some companies still rely on slow, mistake-ridden, manual processes to manage critical business workflow. We discuss the benefits of automating manual tasks.

Preparing for CapEx Approval Process Automation

We’ve helped great companies like BP, Red Bull, and U.S. Pipe design and build their own custom, automated CapEx processes. While no two CapEx processes are alike, the planning and preparation for automation is the same. And now we’ve written the book on it.

E-Process: Moving to a Web-Based Workflow

An organization can’t offer its customers top-level service if its back office is slow, disorganized and disconnected, using paper forms and email attachments to handle business processes. The solution is an intuitive, Web-based workflow management tool that allows companies to fully automate manual processes.

Reimagine Your Business with Workflow Management

Growth organizations usually realize that the manual processes that looked like the quickest way to support growth, have turned into an obstruction that hinders or even prevents expansion. If it’s time to take a step back and think about how the business should work download this free eBook discusses how you can reimagine your business running more efficiently than ever with workflow management.

Avoiding the Pitfalls of BPM

Some companies are looking for a simple solution to a handful of problems but they don’t need an overwhelming set of options and tools that will let them manage every process they could imagine. Here’s how to assess whether you need a full BPM solution.

Managing Post Merger Integration

One of the many questions that companies, especially IT departments, face in a post M&A environment is how to manage the change process for existing systems. We explain how some companies avoided the worst case scenario.


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