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Version 7


The Next Evolution of Integrify is Here

Integrify 7 rewrites the rules for managing your business workflow. It’s faster and more responsive than any workflow tool you’ve used. Our reimagined form builder makes building forms drag and drop-dead simple. We’re also adding KPI Dashboards, SSO support and much more.

Integrify 7 represents a new step forward for the Integrify Platform. We’ve redesigned from the ground up for ease-of-use and speed as well as powerful new features. We’ve asked our customers a lot of questions and listened closely to their feedback. We’ve also asked our developers to push the envelope on what is possible. The result is Integrify 7.

A Completely Refreshed Interface

We’ve updated the Integrify interface with a new sleek, clean look that will make finding what you need even easier. We’ve built a more flexible and intuitive interface that’s fast and even easier to learn for developers and non-developers alike. At the same time, we’ve retained the ability to customize your workflows with advanced scripting and powerful new plug-ins that let you do even more.

Faster, Easier and Even Better on Mobile

Integrify 7 is the fastest Integrify yet. Expect an elegant, lightning quick experience across all devices. A new, streamlined environment will make finding tools easier and navigating the interface a breeze. Reduce training time and provide end-users with a better experience when using the tools you build. Integrify 7 will provide power, simplicity and a unified experience across platforms and device sizes. Easily use Integrify across a variety of screens, smartphone, tablet, ultrabooks, etc. All screens welcome, no app needed.

New Form Builder

We’ve completely reimagined our form builder and you’re going to love it. Create forms they way you want, with full formatting and advanced layout tools that make your forms look great and scale properly on all screens, desktop or mobile. Build forms quickly and easily with drag and drop ease. Place fields where you want and design multi-column layouts. Include additional formatting, formula calculations, currency fields, text, dynamic grids, images, whatever you need to make your forms user-friendly. Plus, save form parts for re-use and build templates that can be shared across the organization.

New Conditional Form Logic

Show or hide form elements based on user selections. Show/hide fields or entire form sections to improve user experience. Chain together logic rules and effects to create smarter forms with our intuitive Form Rule Builder. Create field calculations to display in real-time on forms as data is entered.

KPI Reports

Define and track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Ensure processes are meeting expected turnaround times. KPI reports show the time between tasks and any predefined performance metrics in a visual, easy-to-read format. Create KPI dashboards for any tasks in your workflow and share them internally.

Additional Features

We’ve added a raft of new features aimed at making workflow administrators more productive and users more efficient. Here are just a few of the new features in Integrify Version 7.

  • SSO Support
  • Task history for administrators
  • Re-usable form Templates
  • Discussion notifications for assigned tasks
  • Print natively from the browser
  • Execute server-side javascript tasks
  • Shareable and embeddable dashboards
  • Integrated bookmarks
  • Larger, more flexible process and form canvas

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No matter the platform, Integrify can help improve and streamline your business workflow.

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