Drag & Drop Workflow Design

Integrify provides an environment for you to design workflow processes and build user request forms. You don’t need to know any code to get the job done. Integrify is designed to be easily used by anyone who wants to streamline their processes and increase productivity.

Build workflow automation for single, group, or multi-tiered approval, either parallel or sequential. Integrify can handle as many steps as you need. Automatically route your process flow based on data your users provide. The visual interface lets you build process routing faster than ever before.

Integrate your workflow with existing enterprise systems by dragging and dropping an integration task into the process. Pull or push data, query data objects, embed an Integrify form where you need it and more.

Workflow Rules

 Define and configure workflow rules to route requests and align with your company established policies and business rules.

 Manage tasks and requests using powerful event condition rules based on fixed values, requestor information, hierarchy, status etc.

Form Builder

 Easily create Web-based forms using drag and drop to capture information and feed user data into your workflows.

 Include a wide variety of field types in multi-column layouts. Create collapsible sections and break large, complex forms into manageable chunks.

Use powerful form logic to show and hide fields or even sections based on user interaction or known data.

Create re-usable “form parts” containing fields or other form objects that can be dragged and dropped into any existing or new form.

Personalized Service Portal

Integrify provides a unified front-end experience for your most valuable asset— your employee. Integrify provides a custom self-service portal for request management including submitting and real-time tracking of requests. See which tasks are completed, pending, or in-progress.

The Integrify Portal gives you real time collaboration within requests, as well as an easy-to-use forms library to create and manage. Our forms are automatically optimized for all mobile devices, and the built-in editor allows you to present any look and feel you want. Easily locate, copy, or add existing forms to any process.

Enterprise Integration

The Integrify REST API opens up opportunities for our customers and partners to create their own applications that incorporate workflow, forms, and processes from the Integrify system. Our standalone web service allows other applications to initiate a workflow, complete a list of tasks, update process statuses, and conduct other bi-directional activities. As an administrator, you can even define a task within a process that starts a new process.

Integrify is built on an architecture that encourages customization. With Integrify Plugins you can code any custom functionality, from integrating with existing databases or introducing your data to Integrify’s Rules Engine. Plugins are the easiest way to reduce manual entry and speed up your processes.

Real-Time Audit Reports

Integrify tracks and maintains an audit trail of all your workflow processes, form data, and user actions. Your data and metrics are stored in a relational database (SQL Server or Oracle). Reports and information can be displayed in real time and scheduled for distribution when users need them. Use visual reports to paint a complete picture.

Follow your team’s progress against Service Level Agreements and use Scoreboards to track the overall efficiency of your processes to drive improvements. Run reports based on your form data to easily find the requests you’re looking for.


You don’t sit at your desk in front of a computer all day. Today’s workers are mobile. Keep track of all your workflow processes with our mobile application. Initiate and track your requests anywhere, through the cloud.

With Integrify Mobile, you can easily complete a form, access your tasks, and review your processes while on-the-go or traveling. Integrify Mobile is mobile browser-based so you won’t have to worry about working across platforms with your employees.

World-Class Implementation
and Service

 Get up and running on Integrify quickly and start realizing the benefits of Workflow Management as soon as possible. Our implementation team is experienced and ready to amaze with hands-on help with everything from process design to user experience.

 From training to integration to user acceptance, Integrify is fanatically devoted to your success. We have the methodologies, best practices and development know-how to analyze your unique business needs and help you build the processes that make your users happy and your business run better.

Multi-Platform Options

 If you’re interested in a cloud-based solution, you can get Integrify in a public or private cloud environment.

 If your corporate policy requires that your data reside within your own firewalls we have an on-premise solution as well.

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