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We love to solve workflow problems. In fact, we love it so much we built some amazing software to help companies solve their own workflow problems.

Meet Our Team

We started Integrify almost fifteen years ago to solve a problem. A very large, international company needed a way to efficiently handle a variety of employee requests from around the world. They were using email, spreadsheets, random home-grown solutions, etc. and no one was happy. It was confusing for employees and a nightmare for administrative staff. So we built them something that solved it—a tool that allowed them to capture requests from employees and then automate the workflow for all those requests, making the process more efficient and making employees very happy.

As we’ve worked with more and more customers over the years we’ve learned a lot about how to solve workflow and business process issues and our business and software have evolved. We’ve learned that our customers want:

• A tool they can use themselves, right away, without the need for a ton of training.

• A service team that makes no excuses and genuinely wants to solve their problems.

• Extreme flexibility when it comes to customization, integration, and pricing.

• To work with real people, not robots.

So we’ve built our company and our software to be all that. We’re real people, we really want to help and we have software that you’re going to love using.

Dave Willsey

Dave WillseyCEO and Co-founder

Dave manages our business strategy, operations, sales, and growth for Integrify. He also spends a lot of time with our customers making sure we're meeting their expectations and solving their problems.

In his free time, Dave plays a ton of tennis, softball, and golf, even during the harsh Chicago winters — now, that’s dedication! A native to both San Diego and the Washington DC area, he enjoys returning to both coasts with his family whenever he can.

Rich Trusky

Rich TruskyCTO and Co-founder

Rich oversees product development, technical direction and integration partners for Integrify.

An avid surfer, surfboard craftsman, and Reggae enthusiast, he enjoys trips to the Caribbean and the Outer Banks to enjoy the ocean with his family.

John Bartlett

John BartlettVP of Professional Services

John oversees all service-related work for Integrify. He’s focused on building and delivering solutions that make our customers more efficient and productive.

When the weekend weather cooperates, John enjoys surfing and the challenge of shell fishing for oysters to share with family and friends.

"We remain committed to innovating in the workflow management software market by delivering better and better solutions for our clients. When we do that, we are constantly pushing ourselves and our software in new directions." David Willsey, CEO, Integrify

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