Integrify makes it possible to support turnaround of pricing approval requests from its sales teams.

The Challenge

As your company grows at a rapid pace, it may become challenged by an increasing need to track the progress of a number of different approval processes, especially your pricing approval request process. Responding to pricing requests in an efficient and timely manner is critical to meeting customers’ needs and to growing your customer base. Maybe your offices span several locations. Employees send pricing requests by email, phone, and various other means, creating confusion. Support teams then must evaluate and forward the request to the right group. Each location has a unique set of service offerings, making pricing requests difficult to assign to the proper party. The process is slow, inefficient, prone to mistakes, and hard to track.

The Solution

Using Integrify, processes are now completely automated. Employees use a PC Web browser to submit and check on the status of pricing approval requests. They know who is handling the request and who approved it. The application uses business rules to determine the persons responsible for the approval and routes the request automatically through the proper approval channel. The support team and the person who made the request are automatically notified of approval.

pricing approval request

The Implementation

Assign administrators to Integrify to implement the process rules and any forms that will be used to gather information. Integrify automatically sends the web and email approval notifications to the right people, reducing the chances of confusion while maintaining the current status of the request. For example, your sales team deals primarily with custom pricing, so almost every time a potential customer asks about the cost of a product or service, salespeople submit individual requests for customized solutions. Previously, these requests were submitted via email. Tracking the requests through the system, turning them around in a timely manner, and managing the risk of them dropping through the cracks: these were growing concerns of an increasingly busy sales team.

Your employees will greatly approve of the new system, because of its high level of accountability. They can be confident that requests won’t get lost in the system and will be processed efficiently, and that they’ll be able to track progress every step of the way.

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