Workflow software should be easy to use and cut process cycle times in half.

Deliver positive ROI in less than 3 months. Integrify’s workflow software reduces direct process and workflow costs by more than 30 percent.

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Integrify workflow software provides a flexible and powerful workflow automation platform .

The fastest way to define and deliver process workflows

Integrify is the most powerful and easy-to-use workflow software for companies that need to start effectively managing and improving their workflow system today. Install (Integrify OnPremise) in less than an hour or activate (Integrify Cloud) in minutes. With Integrify, your processes will be configured and deployed in days, not weeks. Integrify offers:

Rapid User Adoption. A simply-configured user interfaces provide users an easy-to-use web-based interface for submitting requests, completing tasks and tracking process activity.

Solutions with No Programmers Required. Intuitive GUI-based workflow management software with process design and forms creation, easy workflow routing definition and report building without the need for coding.

Flexible and Robust Software. A service-oriented architecture (SOA) built around REST web services and AJAX technology, Integrify 5.0 will open up programmatic access for custom applications while providing a widget export feature to place Integrify Widgets in any web or intranet page.

What is workflow software and where does it fit in our technology stack?

When evaluating workflow management options, some businesses consider full business process management (BPM) suites. These suites include a laundry list of features including modeling, simulation, business resource planning and a variety of tools that, in most cases, are overkill for most situations. In addition, they tend to be very expensive with a steep learning curve. They make sense for companies embarking on massive, enterprise-wide business process re-architecting initiatives.

Others consider dedicated online form solutions. These solutions offer a simple form building tool that triggers an email and saves form input data. While some of these solutions are very well-designed and user-friendly, they also don’t profess to be more than a straightforward way to collect form data, especially for one-time events.

Unlike these solutions, workflow software provides the critical components of BPM suites (tools for building automated processes, forms, reporting/auditing and a user portal) but more robust than simple form automation solutions. Most businesses are looking for a straightforward way to automate business workflows for HR, IT, Finance, Operations, Marketing, etc. and replacing paper or email-based requests. That’s where workflow software like Integrify excels.

Integrify is focused on providing a platform for building the workflows that make the most sense for your business. Since no two companies are alike, we built Integrify to be flexible and extensible.

  • Flexible: Start a workflow from scratch, start from a template or have our experienced service team build you what you need. Our software allows you to decide how your workflow runs. Choose tasks from a wide array of options and put them in the order that your business rules dictate.
  • Powerful: Some of the largest companies in the world rely on Integrify to reliably power their most critical workflows (think cybersecurity response, customer onboarding, capital expenditure requests, etc.)
  • Extensible: Install plug-ins, connect to other systems and embed widget versions of your forms wherever you need them.

If you’d like to see a live demo of Integrify in action, you can request a demo anytime or join a group demo.

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