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Quality Assurance with Workflow Automation

Quality Insurance Workflow Illustration

When we think of Quality Assurance we often think about the manufacturing of cars, toys, food, etc. to meet the expected standards of quality set by a company or regulatory body. However, quality assurance can be applied to a wide variety of business disciplines and is not just limited to the production of a physical good. What is Quality Assurance Quality assurance is a practice used to prevent the occurrence of errors… View More


Business Rules Explained

business rules defined

If you’ve been a long-term business owner or even a leader in an established business of any kind, you know how chaotic things can get when most decisions are left to fully-autonomous employees. While there is definitely a role for autonomy as it promotes job satisfaction and can help employees grow as they learn to make decisions to better the business, in most cases, at least a core set of understood rules is critical to help the… View More


Taking the Pain Out of Approvals

Related Approval Management Software Industrial Strength Approval Management eBook Most organizations experience quite a bit of pain when it comes to submitting, managing, and reporting on approvals. Regardless of the… View More


Five Reasons to Automate Your Workflow Now

automate your workflow now

You know it’s true—your inefficient processes are impacting productivity, efficiency, and perhaps even competitiveness and employee morale.  In all kinds of teams and industries, messy, manual workflows are still surprisingly common, and they're hampering your company's potential. You don't have any more time to struggle through manual, inefficient workflows. It's time to be quicker, more efficient, more competitive, and… View More


How to Build a Culture of Continuous Improvement

continuous improvement culture

Continuous improvement (CI) is an ongoing effort to improve a product, service or process. For example, author Karen J. Fryer describes CI as the process of getting better all the time. The American Society for Quality (ASQ) holds that CI efforts can include incremental improvement where… View More


Integrify As Your Intranet?


Integrify is not an Intranet system by design. However, there are aspects of a corporate intranet that can be achieved with Integrify out of the box using dashboards and widgets. Depending on your needs, Integrify can be a replacement for or a supplement to an existing intranet. At a minimum, Integrify's dashboards can act as a front-end for any company or department processes. In the screenshot below, we'll cover the features and… View More


Improving Workplace Flexibility with Workflow Automation

Despite worker preferences and technological advancements, there are still a surprising number of companies that subscribe to the "butts in seats" philosophy and do little to provide workplace flexibility or telecommuting options. In fact, as per a study by Werk last year, there is a large chasm between what workers want and what they're offered in terms of workplace… View More


Does your Incident Response Plan Need an Update?

Automated incident response

Look at your incident response plan the same way that a company should view their business plan. In the ideal world, the business plan is something that you review at least once a year to see whether you're hitting your benchmarks. This allows you to judge your progress, correct your process where it doesn't work, and create new goals as the company grows. Of course, we know that many companies don't even use their business plans. They… View More


How to Make Better Request Forms

request form being designed on a laptop

Earlier we posted twelve tips for more usable Web forms. Today we're looking specifically at request forms and request form templates. Request forms are usually the first step in any process whether it's a project request, a finance request, an HR request, or any of the thousands of possible business process forms people use every day. In most business… View More


Taking Ownership Individual Task Flow

task flow of individual employees recently published an excellent article called "5 Ways to Shape a Regulatory Affairs Workforce for the Future," written by Janssen R&D Global Regulatory Affairs exec, Karin Van Baelen. In it, Van Baelen discusses five key components for building a GRA team that has a balance of agility… View More


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