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How to Be a Mentor

how to be a mentor article

Being a mentor is a great way to support your employees' professional growth (and support your organization's growth in the process).  Related: What Is the Difference Between a Coach, a Trainer, and a… View More


The 10 Best Articles About Working at Home with Your Spouse

Working at Home with Your Spouse

Many folks working from home for the indefinite future and many of those folks now sharing a home office with their spouse or partner. This has lead to everything from high tension to newfound appreciation among working couples. Along the way, a cottage industry for articles about working at home with spouses has arisen. We collected some of the best ones for you… View More


Stop Focusing on Fires

stop focusing on fires

"I'm Putting Out Fires!" We've all said it and heard it. Fires make us late for meetings, work until dark, and fall behind our regular work. A percentage of fires are unavoidable because things go wrong and that's life. However, a percentage of fires are avoidable but persist because while we'd like to take some time and solve the root cause once and for all, we're too busy, well...putting out fires. Now, let's step back and… View More


How to Deal with Uncertainty

how to deal with uncertainty

We’re living in extremely uncertain times. COVID-19 and the resulting shutdowns have caused an economic slowdown that has impacted the vast majority of businesses. Businesses in the US were forced to shed nearly 30 million jobs between March and June—and… View More


How to Write Process Documentation

how to write process documentation

Why do we need process documentation? Before answering this question, it is crucial to understand what we mean by 'Process documentation.' In the context of this article, Process Documentation is… View More


How Quickly Does Your Organization Make Decisions?

weighing an organizational decision

Making Decisions Day-to-Day For most organizations, decisions are rarely made in a vacuum. Organizations require some level of structure to ensure corporate policies are adhered to and critical decisions receive the proper checks and balances before action is taken. Sometimes this is due to regulatory or compliance pressure, sometimes it’s simply organizational due diligence. In many cases, decisions are synonymous with… View More


How to Roll Out Policy Changes

roll out new company policies

When you roll out changes to company policy you want your team to embrace the new policy and for the transition to be as smooth as possible. Part of managing a successful business, small or large, is continually looking at what’s working, what’s not working, and how you can improve. And when you realize something isn’t working as well as it should, you need to change it—and that can mean making changes to your… View More


Should You Train Online or In Person? It Depends...

training online vs. training face to face

Many companies are struggling with the new normal of remote work from meetings to work hand-offs. But one of the most difficult aspects of dispersed employees is training. Training teams are being forced into the difficult decision of training workers using video conferencing tools and other digital… View More


How People React to New Software

how people react to new software

People take to software in different ways at different speeds so a successful software implementation requires flexibility, creativity, and humanity. Related Getting Users to Actually Use Your Workflow… View More


5 Ways to Avoid Risk in Process Automation Projects

process automation risks

Digital process automation is picking up steam across the business landscape, from simple online form creation to sophisticated machine learning algorithms that predict equipment failures before they occur. Embarking on this automation journey is appealing to many companies but it's critical to ensure that you can avoid risk and leverage many of the realizable benefits of… View More


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