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5 Things You Should Stop Doing with Microsoft Excel

ways not to use Microsoft Excel

Before you start the article, we wanted you to know that workflow automation can help wean people off of using Excel for the wrong reasons. Check out what's… View More


Baltimore's Department of General Services Automates Processes with Integrify

The City of Baltimore's Department of General Services has a lofty goal: to implement workflow automation across the entire agency and its partners. After rolling out a series of process improvements with Integrify, Varghese Paranilam, City of Baltimore’s Department of… View More


The Difference Between Learning and Doing Project Management

Project management is a multi-faceted discipline that has evolved rapidly to accommodate the changes brought on by new technology, new approaches to running organizations, and the pressures of modern business cycles. Despite what most PMs learn in school and training, it's exceedingly difficult to prepare for "the real world of project management." I recently posed a question on… View More


How to Digitally Transform Your Internal Operations

How to Digitally Transform Your Internal Operations Presentation

Before Tom Martin became our Customer Success Manager, he spent several years working for one of our customers, Exacto and managed several different process automation projects. Recently Tom presented this work to an audience at the CampIT conference in Chicago. The theme for the day was "IT Infrastructure / Operations Management (Data Center) Strategies" and Tom's presentation was titled "How to… View More


Real World Project Management

There’s a myth out there, and business school contributes to it to some extent, that project management is a world where one gets everything needed in resources and all that has to be added is the brain power to run the show, (i.e. the project manager or PMO.) Projects are able to get started, the right people are pulled from various areas immediately as subject matter experts, and the day is filled with constructing Gantt charts… View More


8 Features Your Workflow Management System Must Have

Over the years, workflow management systems have evolved and attempted to solve more and more workflow-related problems. At the same time, other features have been sloughed away by vendors as other tools become more advanced and reduce the need for certain features. For instance, a separate component for building mobile forms has been replaced by "mobile everywhere" forms that… View More


We're Presenting at CampIT in Chicago May 15

Our Customer Success Manager, Tom Martin, will be speaking at the May 15 CampIT conference: IT Infrastructure / Operations Management (Data Center) Strategies. Tom will be presenting "How to Digitally Transform Your Internal Operations," drawing on his perspective as a former Integrify… View More


12 Tips for More Usable Web Forms

Forms that are poorly designed can end up going unused and lead to users finding workarounds (usually circumventing your carefully-designed process). We have some tips for making your forms more user-friendly and, ultimately, used. Related Getting Users to Actually Use Your Workflow… View More


The Rise of the Citizen Developer and Its Impact on the Enterprise

representation of citizen developers building applications

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, digital transformation is critical to any organization’s competitive positioning. As such, both front- and back-end processes need to be digitized to offer better services and improve efficiencies. It should be no surprise then that according to Global Market Insights, the enterprise application… View More


Five Ways to Reduce the Cost of Compliance

Related Internal Controls for Better Compliance Workflow For Compliance Improve Corporate Governance With BPM As any compliance officer knows, complying… View More


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