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We're Presenting at CampIT in Chicago May 15

Our Customer Success Manager, Tom Martin, will be speaking at the May 15 CampIT conference: IT Infrastructure / Operations Management (Data Center) Strategies. Tom will be presenting "How to Digitally Transform Your Internal Operations," drawing on his perspective as a former Integrify… View More


12 Tips for More Usable Web Forms

Forms that are poorly designed can end up going unused and lead to users finding workarounds (usually circumventing your carefully-designed process). We have some tips for making your forms more user-friendly and, ultimately, used. Related Getting Users to Actually Use Your Workflow… View More


The New Rules for Change Management

change management rules

Related: Why Change Is So Difficult in an Office (and How to Cope) Silos Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Business Processes Better Ways to… View More


The Rise of the Citizen Developer and Its Impact on the Enterprise

representation of citizen developers building applications

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, digital transformation is critical to any organization’s competitive positioning. As such, both front- and back-end processes need to be digitized to offer better services and improve efficiencies. It should be no surprise then that according to Global Market Insights, the enterprise application… View More


Five Ways to Reduce the Cost of Compliance

Related Internal Controls for Better Compliance Workflow For Compliance Improve Corporate Governance With BPM As any compliance officer knows, complying… View More


Top 8 Automation Tools for Businesses to Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity can be done in a number of ways, like changing the way the office is set up, encouraging more breaks, and other small psychological tricks, but sometimes what employees need is a tool or app that can automate all kinds of simple tasks so they can focus on the more important tasks at hand. If you’re looking for automation tools and apps to increase productivity at the office, there are plenty of options to… View More


Silos Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Business Processes

silos representing organizational inefficiency

Silo mentality afflicts most companies but it's important to find ways to communicate across departments for the continued growth and success of your business. You've heard the term "office politics". While this term isn't directly defined, the connotations are never good. It often suggests a sort of social manipulation at play within the office which can help certain employees succeed while keeping others from… View More


Wisdom and Flexibility Drive Superior Continuous Improvement Results

An effective continuous improvement initiative must balance the costs of change with the anticipated benefits of implementation. Our earlier post about Kaizen and workflow provided insights into how the powerful combination of workflow automation and the Kaizen continuous improvement… View More


An Approach to Innovation with Process Automation

Innovation comes from a sustained, concerted effort by all employees to identify and improve the way they work together and get things done. Where Innovation Comes From Innovating a business means a cultural shift toward thinking "How can we get better?" When you instill this mentality in all employees at all levels, your organization can see immediate and ongoing improvement in their operations. Employees… View More


How to Be More Productive This Year

Staying on top of your calendar and to-do list can seem like an impossible goal sometimes. These strategies may help you make the best use of your time, lower stress and make you more productive. Between personal obligations and professional responsibilities, it can seem as if there are never enough hours in the day. We can accumulate wealth and things, but try as we might, we’ll never have more than the same 24… View More


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