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Garbage in, Garbage out: Data Collection Tips

How Not to Collect Data and Information When an organization depends on a loosely-structured format like email or spreadsheets to collect information it runs the risk of the employee self-editing out valuable information. The lack of structure in gathering information typically results in costly rework or critical decisions made on incomplete information. It also makes maintaining compliant procedures and running audits a… View More


How to Approach Workflow ROI

After fifteen years of working with customers on improving workflow efficiency and productivity, we can honestly say that every workflow situation is truly unique. There are similarities among every new hire process, expense request process, change request process, etc., but no one handles the same process exactly the same… View More


Document, Automate, Monitor: Getting Serious About Workflow Visibility

process visibility illustration

Why Visibility Matters If you ponder technological advances over the last 50 years, you will see how much of the benefit is really about increased visibility. Improved resolution in medical imaging allows earlier intervention into disease processes. Manufacturing processes benefit from real-time visibility into product quality… View More


When People Leave: Do You Have a Succession Plan?

You've had that feeling. A key team member or executive unexpectedly announces they are leaving the organization for "new challenges" and gives their two-week notice. Your first thought is, "Uh oh. Who is going to replace them? How is their work going to get done?" Sometimes there is a clear replacement who can step… View More


The New Rules for Change Management

change management rules

Related: Why Change Is So Difficult in an Office (and How to Cope) Silos Are Wreaking Havoc on Your Business Processes Better Ways to… View More


Why You Should Automate Your Offboarding Process

automation for offboarding employees

Related: Ensure safety, security, and compliance with an automated offboarding process U.S. Pipe Streamlines Everything from CapEx to Offboarding with Integrify 10 Things… View More


Selling Your Workflow Automation Ideas Internally

"Ideas Won't Keep. Something Must Be Done About Them."– Alfred North Whitehead Managers and business analysts frequently have great ideas for implementing change in their organizations, however, they often struggle with how to obtain upper-level buy-in for their workflow automation ideas. Implementing a software solution that will automate… View More


An Introduction to Using Kanban in Project Management

kanban project management

Kanban is a visual framework used to implement Agile project management that helps small, incremental updates to projects or systems. To understand this concept clearly, let’s start with the origin of Kanban, the principles of Kanban, and its advantages. Additionally, you will understand when to use and when not to use the Kanban… View More


Business Process Optimization Fundamentals

Business process optimization is critical to ensuring process improvement projects meet the expected results. What is Business Process Optimization? Business Process Optimization (BPO) is the targeted redesign of processes to promote efficiency and strengthen the alignment of individual processes with overall strategy and goals. While the optimization… View More


Managing Ideas and Innovation with Workflow Automation

idea management workflow illustration

Whether you're a manufacturer trying to innovate with new products or a marketing department trying to come up with the next killer campaign, managing innovative ideas without a consistent, reliable system can be frustrating at best.  Innovating with Automation Personally, I have a variety of methods for managing ideas from Google Keep to… View More


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