Benefits of Automating Workflows in HR Departments

By Toni Buffa | Published December 29, 2023

One key strategy transforming HR departments across industries is the ability to automate workflows and forms used within the organization. While there are still human elements to any process, any workflow can be automated. For HR departments, processes like onboarding, offboarding, new hire management, and more will all benefit from optimizing automation. This article will cover the challenges faced in traditional HR processes, the benefits of workflow automation, managing the employee lifecycle, process examples, and a real-world case study from an Integrify customer.

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Challenges in Traditional HR Processes

Dealing with human resources tasks can be a challenge due to time-consuming manual processes, the potential for errors, and a lack of standardization. These manual tasks consume valuable time and opens the door to human errors that introduce risk. Additionally, without standardized processes, it's difficult to maintain a uniform approach across HR functions. Addressing these challenges is crucial for enhancing efficiency and accuracy within HR departments.

Benefits of Automating HR Workflows

1. Cost and Time Savings

Automated workflows will significantly reduce costs by automating routine manual tasks performed by your employees. Staff can do more in less time and focus on higher-value activities that bring the organization more significant gains.

For approximate metrics on savings, Integrify has three different cost-saving calculators that are free to use to see how much automation could save your organization.

2. Enhanced Efficiency

Process efficiency can be defined as the amount of effort required to achieve a business outcome. When workflows are operating under an automated system, tasks are executed the same way each time. Beyond time savings, removing repetitive tasks opens up opportunities for engaging in more strategic and impactful work.

3. Employee Satisfaction

Automation streamlines processes, reducing frustration and repetitive tasks. This results in a more positive employee experience, contributing to higher organizational satisfaction levels.

4. Compliance Assurance

Staying compliant is non-negotiable in HR. Automating compliance tracking ensures that HR processes adhere to regulations, reducing the risk of legal complications and ensuring a smooth audit process.

5. Organized Organization

There is no need to send emails back and forth looking for documents or how-to's for specific processes with the help of workflow automation. Integrify's automated platform provides a streamlined website portal to find your organization's most used tools. It'll give your employees a better experience making requests, submitting forms, and tracking progress.

Here is an example of an Integrify dashboard. You can add videos, links to external resources, your company logo, useful contact information and more!


Employee Lifecycle Management

HR departments are with employees throughout their whole career at an organization. This infographic shows a view of the employee lifecycle from this perspective, focusing on the touchpoints within an employee's career journey that can be improved with tools like Integrify.

HR Use Case Examples


Using employee onboarding software to automate the process of onboarding new employees ensures a standardized, consistent, and company-approved approach. 



The Employee Offboarding Process is a systematic way for organizations to manage an employee's departure that ensures consistency and reduces risk to the organization.

Leave Management

Many customers use Integrify to support employee requests for paid time off (PTO) which leads to better leave management. This is a typical example of how an automated PTO process can work.


Medcor Case Study Example

"When new employees need to be set up in the system, HR receives requests to set them up on payroll and complete other new employee paperwork. There is also a process through HR that allows managers to maintain performance notes and yearly review information. Getting new employees on board faster means our clients will get medical professionals ready to deliver care more quickly." – Tim Sahouri, CIO, Medcor.

Read the Full Case Study

Simple or Complex, Your Workflows Can Be Automated

The benefits are endless for why your HR department needs to implement workflow automation. From cost savings to improved employee experience, your organization will thrive with the help of Integrify. Reach out to us today for a personalized demo of our software.

Integrify Short Demo Video

This is a quick overview of the Integrify workflow automation platform. For a longer version, visit our full video demo.

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