InfoPath Replacement for Web Forms

Infopath Is Being Replaced by Modern, Responsive, User-Friendly Form Tools

InfoPath Replacement Alternative

InfoPath Replacement Needed?

With InfoPath's future uncertain, it's time to find something better. 

With full formatting and advanced layout tools that make your forms look great and scale appropriately on all screens, desktop or mobile, Integrify's Form Designer is a perfect InfoPath Replacement. It's an excellent alternative for organizations wondering what will replace Infopath.

Integrify's Form Designer has been built from the ground up to make it easy for business users to develop great-looking forms quickly. Include complex form logic, line items, or any other form element you need.

  • Low-code, drag-and-drop design
  • Use javascript natively for advanced form behavior
  • Use CSS to further style form elements
  • Select from a wide variety of field types
  • Create responsive, mobile-friendly forms
  • Add images, videos, tables, and links to any form
  • Employ powerful form logic to show and hide any form element
  • Use calculations and formulas within any field
  • Create re-usable “form parts” containing fields or other form objects
  • Use flexible, multi-column layouts

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Create Responsive Forms for Web and Mobile

Using Integrify’s Form Builder as your Infopath replacement allows your organization to build forms that adapt to screens of any size. Customers and employees can submit requests using their preferred desktop and mobile devices. In addition, you can add a section to capture signatures for important documents.

Establish Consistency Across Your Organization

Form Builder from Integrify makes it possible to create streamlined web form submission portals. That way, your company can enforce consistent standards for submitting business requests. In addition, employees no longer have to worry about whether they’re submitting the correct version of a form.

Use the drag-and-drop features of Integrify’s Microsoft Infopath replacement to add form fields to different request types. In addition, using web forms for submissions cuts down on the time workers must spend trying to keep up with requests sent to them via email.

Adapt Form Designer for Different Department Needs

Integrify's Form Builder is the perfect solution for organizations with questions about what will replace InfoPath.

IT Department

Eliminate emails and paper requests using Integrify’s Form Designer to create a portal for submitting change requests. That makes it easier for your IT department to track and monitor requests. In addition, you can adapt the form to accommodate the needs of different IT areas. That makes it easier to assign requests to the correct group to ensure they get handled promptly.


Avoid getting your finance team overwhelmed with paper, telephone, and fax requests. Instead, use Form Designer to create clean, user-friendly web forms for company users. That way, they can easily submit essential documents like purchase requests, travel expense requests, and contract approvals. In addition, you can add workflow rules to ensure that standard finance processes get correctly completed each time.

Human Resources

Lower administrative costs and improve oversight by eliminating paper submissions for HR documents. Instead, use Form Designer as an alternative Infopath to build web submission portals to receive and track HR requests. That makes it easier for HR employees to manage essential tasks like timesheet tracking, onboarding, and employee status changes.

But Wait, There's More! Build Custom Form Workflows Too!

Integrify is not just an InfoPath alternative. Our form designer is just the start. With Integrify, you can build simple or complex custom form-handling workflows. Route forms and documents for approval with our powerful Process Builder.

  • Low code, drag-and-drop building environment
  • Create simple or complex business rules
  • Assign tasks and approvals
  • Collaborate on tasks and requests
  • Create single, group, or multi-tiered approvals
  • Run parallel or sequential flows
  • Set up reminders, customizable notifications, and time-outs
  • Push and pull data from enterprise systems

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