Your Custom Service Portal

Build a customized portal for employees, partners, or customers with flexible, branded self-service.


Your users can expect an elegant, lightning-quick experience across all devices with Integrify's self-service portal. 

A Service Portal Ready for Customization

A streamlined Web site will make finding self-service tools easier and navigating the interface a breeze. Reduce training time and provide employees with a better experience making requests, submitting forms, and tracking progress. Provide power, simplicity, and unified employee and customer experiences across platforms and device sizes.

  • Provide a responsive, always-available, branded self-service portal for internal and external users.
  • Build custom dashboards to find information and make requests quickly.
  • Assign roles and permissions for users and groups.
  • Provide collaboration tools for active processes.
  • Give users visibility into task and request status and next steps.
  • Help Service support users across the organization.
  • Help users find the answer they need and resolve their issues more quickly.

Deploy Your Portal Rapidly

Our streamlined but powerful dashboard editor lets you create portals containing video, links, buttons, reports, charts, rich text, widgets, and more using simple drag-and-drop WYSIWYG editing tools.

  • Create panels and stretch them/move them until your service dashboard looks how you want.
  • Select reports and KPIs to share performance with employees and provide direct access to their tasks and workflow statuses.
  • Push organization-wide messages easily to keep staff updated.
  • Use HTML and inline CSS to control the look and feel of your panels.

Open Your Portal Up to External Users

Customers, vendors, and partners can submit requests, trigger workflows, and share information related to your product or service.

Using guest accounts or a concurrent user subscription, you can make your portal accessible to users outside of your organization.

Portal Example Gallery

Below are some examples of self-service portals created for specific companies and use cases. If you'd like to see more, please schedule a demonstration.

self-service portal example 3

self-service portal example 2

self-service portal example 1

self-service portal example 4

self-service portal example 5



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